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Pinch off buds to avoid bitter basil leaves

Q: Can you tell me how I will know when my basil and lavender are ready to cut and use? A: You can harvest basil as soon as you have enough leaves for what you need, while leaving enough on the plant to keep it alive.

You don't have to live on the beach to enjoy coastal modern decor

Interior designer Tim Clarke helps readers capture the easy-living feel of the beach in his book Coastal Modern - even when the beach is thousands of miles away.

How to extend a camping theme into a dinner party

When you want to paddle that extra mile for a summer theme party, here's a bit of inspiration for you. This would be fun for kids of all ages, and especially those who love the lake and have a canoe trip or two in their memory repertoire.

House beautiful: Dream cottage come true

After years of envisioning it, Vancouver writer Kim Pemberton found her retirement home in Shawnigan Lake


Debbie Travis >E3

Bring back the sparkle to your Corelle dishes

Dear Reena: Quite a while ago, you addressed the problem of black streaks on Corelle dinner plates. I remember that you had to put the plates in hot or boiling water but I don't remember what else you put into the water to take away the stains.

Make a list to avoid packing more than you need for trip

I've seen several articles with tips on how to pack for a trip. The following tips, from Erica Duecy, deputy editor at Fodor's, are so reasonable, even an over-packer like me can use them. Here are a few highlights.

Tour this Burnside-Gorge heritage home

It's no grand mansion - this century-old home has housed middle-class families in comfort and unpretentious style

Neighbour vs. neighbour

Smaller subdivisions and even smaller building lots are bringing people closer together - sometimes with humorous and exasperating results.

Symphony of pink in the summer garden

There's nothing quite so effective as rising early to water the garden for viewing a concentration of wildlife. There's the usual young buck at his daily morning (and evening) station by the fence, nibbling grass and clover.