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Tony Curtis recalls Victoria visit

If you want to confirm an unnamed film star's identity in an old photo, you can't beat getting the star in question to do it.

Film turkeys hard to digest

Lame comedies, shameless ripoffs and other films of 2008 that flopped

Scenes from Tofino to Inner Mongolia

Well, this is a first. Next year's Victoria Film Festival is going to open with a biker flick. OK, maybe One Week won't be mistaken for Easy Rider, but it does feature a dude on a motorcycle trip.

Return from Middle Earth: what Victoria's film chief learned

Trip to New Zealand for symposium of film commissioners

Overhaul for downtown movie theatre's glass dome

Life at the Empire Capitol 6 lately has been as action-packed as some of the movies playing there.

Electrifying visuals help local version of Brilliant shine

What: Brilliant! The Blinding Enlightenment of Nikola Tesla Where: Belfry Theatre When: To Dec. 14 Rating: 4 1/2 stars (out of five) - - - Although everyone knows Thomas Edison, today most have forgotten Nikola Tesla.

Top talents who succeed at acting and music

Fear not for Joaquin Phoenix, the man who portrayed the Man in Black. The two-time Oscar nominee, who recently retired from acting, isn't making the transition to the concert stage all by his lonesome.

Troupe plots classic lineup

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre unveils ambitious plans for inaugural season

Blue Bridge spans theatrical gap

New troupe links emerging talents with established professionals

Blood-lovers show restraint in Dorian Gray

Tale of a young man's descent into evil told with just one geyser of gore