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Assembly-line movies

Assembly-line movies

Director John Landis says fear has turned filmmaking into a corporate enterprise

Victoria Film Festival ready to roll

It is a cinephile's delight. The 18th annual Victoria Film Festival kicks off Friday and the Times Colonist will bring it to you every step of the way. The Times Colonist's Michael D.

Artist values freedom over $$

Richard Raxlen is successful, influential, but not exactly rich
Letter rip

Letter rip

Did the Happy New Year greeting on page A1 of today's Times Colonist catch your eye? The Island Illustrators, the Victoria group behind it, are showing the original 12 pieces in its 25th annual New Year's show.

Electronic vs Paper

I’ve just finished reading my first e-book and the jury is still out on what I think as a reader and as a writer. A number of people around me have embraced e-readers for a number of reasons so I thought I would see for myself. A bit of context here.

Still Processing

I've spent the last couple of weeks in a frenetic blur between a very busy job, trying to get ready to go away and as such my actual writing time has been curtailed (as has my reading time, my running time) but even in the chaos, the little voices in

Rifflandia: Four days, nine stages, 110 Artists

Cymbals on fire, break circles in packed clubs, naked people on roofs. This year's Rifflandia has been bonkers. And so it ends... it's the final day of performances at Royal Athletic Park, but don't let the cooler weather keep you away.

The Privilege is Mine

This past week-and-a-half have been spent madly working on the second incarnation of So You Think You Can Write – meeting with the judges, reviewing entries and tidying up all kinds of details.

1991 a landmark year in music history

The year that changed the music business forever included more than a few landmark events, from the debut of Lollapalooza and the arrival of Death Row Records to the death of Freddie Mercury and the birth of the SoundScan era.

Flight marks Forrest Gump director's return to live-action films

Robert Zemeckis is getting back into the live-action business, directing Flight, starring Denzel Washington, Paramount Pictures said Friday.