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Naked ambition

The Ladies look back 20 years after their breakout album

Actor tackles evil role in Total Recall

Bryan Cranston stepping away from Breaking Bad to try more movies, theatre

New sitcoms draw on their creators' lives

Got a goofy older brother? Parents you still live with even though you're grown up? An unconventional friendship? If so, you're too late to turn those ideas into a hit sitcom.

Ferrell puts character into acting roles

In his new film The Campaign, which opens Friday, comedian Will Ferrell sinks his teeth into the juicy role of a Southern politician angling for a seat in the U.S. Congress.

American Idol 'not my cup of tea,' ex-judge says

Rock singer Steven Tyler said he "loved and hated" his two-year stint as a judge on American Idol, but admitted the TV singing contest was "not my cup of tea.

Monroe still attracts admirers

Star who died in 1962 has 3.3 million Facebook fans, $27 million in earnings
Blond bombshell keeps showing up in popular culture. Why?

Blond bombshell keeps showing up in popular culture. Why?

wasn't yet born when Marilyn Monroe died, 50 years ago today, on Aug. 5, 1962. I knew who she was because the men in my family - my father and his father - were fans who decorated their walls with Monroe photos and Monroe portraits.

Monday Viewing

Hawaii Five-0 has one of the most distinctive title sequences and theme songs in the history of TV, so right from the start, the 2010 re-imagination had a lot going for it.

Scholars to explore afterlife

Even a multimillion-dollar donation does not ensure a spot in heaven. Or at least that's what most religions believe.

'Pop-up' artists present their souvenirs

A "pop-up" gallery is a temporary space used by a group of artists - usually young and not very commercial - to show their work.