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Honda CR-V now Made in Canada

Honda has added "made in Canada" as another reason for buyers to choose the redesigned 2012 Honda CR-V, its popular compact SUV. As of January, the CR-V is assembled alongside the Civic, which has been manufactured in the Alliston, Ont.

Chrysler adds Attitude to 300

Chrysler adds S model to the 300 line. The S gives the 300 a factory "bad-ass" attitude, with revised grille, 20-inch rubber and killer sound system. New German-sourced 8-speed transmission gives it fuel economy and silky-smooth shifts.
Our reliance on hydro power a boon to e-cars

Our reliance on hydro power a boon to e-cars

How green is your fuel? I have had a number of letters questioning the wisdom of using electricity. Some people don't seem to buy into how clean an electric car is for the environment.

Good value for hybrid dollar

There's a new mileage champ in town and it comes from a family well-known for offering some of the thriftiest vehicles on the road. The 2012 Toyota Prius C is the newest member of the Prius family of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles.
E-cars can pay for themselves - in time

E-cars can pay for themselves - in time

How long does it take for the price of an electric vehicle to equal the cost of driving a vehicle with an internal-combustion engine? We all know that an EV is much more efficient than a comparable gasoline-powered car.

New crossover hits sweet spot

2013 Mazda CX-5 The compact crossover market just got a bit more competitive with the introduction of the 2013 Mazda CX-5, the long-awaited replacement for the aging Tribute SUV.
Are EV owners getting a free ride?

Are EV owners getting a free ride?

Drivers of electric vehicles are getting a free ride when it comes to road taxes. While some countries apply a road tax to vehicles, in Canada the levy is in the form of a tax on gas.
Battery cost a drawback to e-car ownership

Battery cost a drawback to e-car ownership

One of the questions that invariably turns up when talking about electric vehicles has to do with the battery. It's a fair question, but the answer is elusive. Currently the cost of the lithium-ion battery accounts for perhaps half the cost of an EV.

Electric & Electrifying Infiniti Emerg-E

Infiniti's Emerg-E is a concept car that has debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It is a mid-engined sports car that provides a glimpse into Infiniti’s future design language.

Prices can vary greatly for EV in-home chargers

If you are looking to buy an electric car you will probably consider having a Level 2 in-home EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) installed in the garage. The price difference between the various chargers was within $100.
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