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Times Colonist Christmas Fund means food, comfort — and smiles

Donate to the Times Colonist Christmas Fund at
Donate to the Times Colonist Christmas Fund at

We will publish the first list of donors to this year’s Times Colonist Christmas Fund on Wednesday, and yes, you will find my name on that list.

I support our work for several reasons. The fact that I am one of the people in charge of the fund is only one of those reasons.

I am proud of what we do. The TC Christmas Fund does amazing work in the community, and it has been doing that work for almost 70 years.

What does the Christmas Fund look like? The smile on a child’s face. Food — fresh, warm food — on a table. The relief shown by an adult.

The money helps provide food for the hungry, toys for children, and comfort for all.

We have made the festive season better for thousands upon thousands of people, and we are determined to continue to help for years to come. To do that, we need your support.

Every November and December, I ask our readers to open their hearts and their wallets to help us help others.

By Friday afternoon, we had raised $113,145.52, from 509 donors. We are working toward a goal of $1 million.

It would be wrong to ask you for your money if I am not donating money as well.

I have given $2,000 this year — and we encourage people to give what they can because it all helps.

At times over the years I could not give anything, no matter how much I supported the causes in question. Decades ago, when I lived in a small apartment on Catherine Street in Vic West, even $50 would have been a stretch.

I watched my pennies carefully, and I believe that we have an obligation to watch the money in the Christmas Fund just as carefully.

With that in mind, we keep our fund’s administration costs as low as possible. The Times Colonist provides strong support for the fund, including free labour and free promotional space in print and online.

When you donate to our fund, your money will be put to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. That is our commitment to you.

Can’t donate this year? There are other ways to help your neighbours, ways that don’t involve giving money. If we see snow this year, for example, clear sidewalks if you are able.

Sometimes, a simple smile is enough to make someone else’s life a bit brighter. It all helps.

But if you can donate, we would certainly welcome your support. You will make a difference in this, the season of giving.

There is still time to be included in the list of donors we will put together for Wednesday’s edition. You will see my name there, and I hope to see yours there as well.

Thank you.


You can donate by going to the Times Colonist Christmas Fund web page,

That page is linked to CanadaHelps, which is open 24 hours a day and provides an immediate tax receipt.

Or mail a cheque to the Times Colonist Christmas Fund, 201-655 Tyee Road, Victoria, B.C. V9A 6X5.

You can also use your credit card by phoning 250-995-4438 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.