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It's the last day to donate to the 2023 Christmas Fund

Thanks for all the support you have given to our community, helping us to raise $1 million this holiday season.
Donate to the Times Colonist Christmas Fund at

Bear with me for 2023’s final update on the Times Colonist Christmas Fund. I understand that the message can get tedious after a while, but it’s an important one, because it means help for those who need it.

Since we launched this year’s fundraising drive on Nov. 12, we have given out a million dollars, and you have donated the same amount. Thanks for that!

To be more precise, we have received $1,021.282.44. It is the second-highest total in the 68-year history of the fund.

The money has gone to about 60 organizations that work directly with people who need a helping hand. We do all that we can to ensure that our fund is as cost-effective as possible, and we have efficiency in mind as we allocate your money for the maximum impact.

Thanks for all the support you have given to our community.

You can still get a 2023 tax receipt for your donation, if you act today.

Donate online at ­, a page that is linked to ­the CanadaHelps portal. It is open 24 hours a day and ­provides an immediate tax receipt.

If you donate before midnight, your gift will result in a tax receipt you might be able to use on your 2023 tax return.

Cheques can be mailed to the Times ­Colonist Christmas Fund, 201-655 Tyee Rd., Victoria, B.C. V9A 6X5. If they are postmarked today they will qualify for a 2023 tax receipt.

We expect to have the final count for this year’s campaign by early January, when the last cheques arrive. We will publish at least one more list of donors before we wrap things up for another year.

Again, thanks. Together, we have made a tremendous difference.

Dave Obee

Editor and Publisher