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Taxing issues in Quebec

How low can you go? may be the chant often heard by limboists, but if you're a Quebecker, chances are you've been wondering, How high can they go? in reference to the Quebec government's recent plans to increase personal taxes.

Google, book publishers settle after seven years

Google Inc. and a group of publishers have agreed to a settlement over making digital copies of books, capping seven years of litigation prompted by the search giant's effort to become the world's largest digital library.
Meat plant takes blame, minister under fire

Meat plant takes blame, minister under fire

'Misinformation' surrounds E. coli scare, XL Foods licence suspended

U.S. Labour report gives market boost

The Toronto stock market wrapped the session near its highs of the day on Thursday as commodities prices moved up, while a report on the U.S. labour market came in better than expected. The S&P/TSX composite index rose 88.21 points to 12,447.68.

Only one-third set monthly budgets: survey

A poll of Canadian spending habits finds that only one-third of those surveyed actually set budgets, and even fewer, 22 per cent, review their purchases on a monthly basis.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel opens café; rest of $52 million project to be revealed Nov. 15

Six years after closing, customers are once again walking through the doors of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel after the opening of Kate’s Café this week.
Nexen takeover raises 'difficult' questions: PM

Nexen takeover raises 'difficult' questions: PM

A $15-billion bid by China's state-owned offshore oil company for Canada's Nexen Inc., "raises a range of difficult policy questions," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday.

Twinkies live another day

The bankrupt maker of the Twinkies snack cake, Hostess Brands Inc., received court permission to impose a pay-cutting collective bargaining agreement on thousands of workers in a bakery union.

Stocks boost pension health

An improvement on the Toronto Stock Exchange in the third quarter helped improve the health of Canadian pension plans.

Glentel inks target wireless deal

American retail giant Target announced Thursday that Glentel Inc. has been chosen to handle mobile communications offerings at Target stores in Canada.