Introducing Victoria's new baseball team, the HarbourCats

Victorias newest baseball team is hoping its fans sink their teeth into the organization’s name and logo.

The HarbourCats name was selected after receiving more than 600 submissions on the organization’s website.

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“It was really exciting to see the excitement and passion that everybody put into the names,” the club’s general manager Holly Jones told a gathering at the Shark Club on Friday morning. “Quite a few people actually wrote me full essays as to why this should be the team name and followed up to make sure I got it. I definitely appreciate the passion of the community.”

Most submissions centered around aquatic, wildlife, historical, cultural and geographical aspects of Victoria.

“We are excited to introduce the HarbourCats brand to the City of Victoria and to our fans,” Jones added in a statement. “We feel that the name fits well with the geography of the region, as it’s a nod to the importance and beauty of Victoria’s Inner Harbour. It also fits well with other team names in the West Coast League and Minor League baseball in general.”

The logo features a colour scheme of dark navy blue text and the graphic of a cougar-like cat flashing two prominent fangs. It’s trimmed in a deep aqua blue. Jones said there will also be a matching “V” logo featured on merchandise and marketing materials to represent Victoria.

“We wanted a team name and logo that accomplished a number of things,” team owner John McLean said in a statement. “The name had to have a good baseball feel and be a name that fans could easily relate to. It needed to be bold and edgy, while looking sharp on uniforms, merchandise, the web, advertising and social media.  It also needed to be representative of the city and the region.  I am very pleased that our name and logo accomplishes all of these requirements.”

The HarbourCats also announce new web and social media addresses that can be found at: ; ; and The team is set to begin play in the West Coast League next summer.mannicchiarico@timescolonist.comTwitter/tc_vicsports

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