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Victoria tool rental company launches pick up and repair service

Aral Rentals' new service offers hassle-free transportation for equipment repairs in Greater Victoria
Ducan Rumak of Aral Rentals.

Locally owned and operated business Aral Rentals has recently launched a comprehensive "pick-up and repair" tool and equipment service to help make your summertime repairs and renos much easier.

This new service includes convenient pick-up and deliveries, saving customers valuable time and effort in transporting their equipment.

"There is a big gap in Victoria when it comes to the amount of repair services offered, says company representative Duncan Rumak. "Recently, a number of repair shops have either shut down or not provided as many services."

Rumak continues that not only has Aral Rentals maintained its services, but it's also expanded them.

“In addition to tool rentals, our team has a variety of resources available to support folks in the Greater Victoria area including a reliable repair shop, a skilled mechanic and labour team, plus a fleet of vehicles on hand. It gives us the ability to provide unique solutions for our customers.”

Where reliable work meets superior service

Aral ensures seamless access to high-quality parts while also providing maintenance and repair services. Photo via: Aral Rentals/Catherine Kennedy.

The company's skilled technicians play a crucial role in this service by performing assessments and accurate diagnoses, ensuring efficient repairs. 

The tool-repair process is simple. Once the tools have been picked up, Aral's technicians record essential information about the equipment. Skilled mechanics perform a thorough assessment to identify any problems precisely. 

"We're transparent with our customers. We will perform an assessment and then tell you how much the repair will cost, and you can use our judgment about whether or not it's worth repairing," Rumak says.  

Leveraging a vast network across North America, Aral ensures seamless access to high-quality parts for repairs while conducting maintenance and repairs to restore tools to optimal functionality. Once the tools are ready, customers can collect them from the shop or schedule a convenient drop-off at their location.

By relying on Aral Rentals' pick-up and repair service, customers can experience increased productivity, minimized downtime, and extended lifespan for their equipment.

"With regular maintenance, you'll see a much longer lifetime of a given tool," Rumak explains. "The lifetime value you receive from the tool you purchase will be much longer when it is regularly serviced."

Harnessing the practicality of pick-up

Aral is firmly dedicated to providing a personalized and reliable service. Photo via: Aral Rentals/Catherine Kennedy.

By taking advantage of the pick-up service, customers don't have to worry about the logistics of transporting heavier pieces of equipment into the repair shop.

"A lot of other people on the residential side may not have the capacity to move tools," Rumak says. “And everyone saves a lot of time.”

Aral Rentals prides itself on its commitment to providing reliable and high-quality services that meet the unique needs of its clients. The company's dedication to safety, dependability, and personalized approach sets it apart from others in the industry, making Aral Rentals the trusted destination for all project-related requirements.

The company can also provide labour assistance for anyone needing extra hands to complete a project. The reliable and skilled labour team offers flexible solutions to meet any project's needs. 

Aral firmly believes that by providing a personalized and reliable service, they can contribute to building a stronger community – one project at a time.

"We're locally owned, locally operated, and we employ people who want to grow themselves and their skills," Rumak says. "We are the best local option for your needs."

For more information regarding Aral Rentals services, visit, or call 250-590-3070.