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Victoria’s largest real estate appraisal firm celebrates 50 years

With five decades of experience in property valuation and consulting services, D.R. Coell & Associates marks this significant achievement with exciting new developments and opportunities
D.R. Coell & Associates celebrates 50 years of excellence.

As a trusted name and a beacon of excellence in the realm of real estate appraisal and consulting in Greater Victoria, D.R. Coell & Associates is commemorating a major milestone in 2024 with the firm's 50th anniversary of helping clients make the most of their property assets.

Founded by David R. Coell in 1974, D.R. Coell & Associates was established to assist clients in the private and public sectors with rapidly expanding commercial and residential valuation requirements. Whether clients require a full appraisal or are seeking advice, the firm delivers accurate and timely appraisal services that help clients better understand their property assets and guide their decisions accordingly.

David Roy Coell, founder of D.R. Coell & Associates, circa 1974 (left); Rick Gordon, Mike Martyn, and Jack Miller, partners of the firm between the 1980s to 2013 (right). Photos provided by D.R. Coell & Associates

Strong local demand was met with an increasing supply of the most knowledgeable appraisers in the industry, including Rick Gordon, Mike Martyn, and Jack Miller. As the company’s ownership increased, the new leadership rallied, encouraging geographic expansion and diversification in asset classes, including insurance appraisals, property tax appeals, and depreciation reports.

Guided by principal partners Scott Humphreys and Mishelle Martin, the recent addition of three senior appraisers, Rick Howard, Liam Fast and Alanna Gagliani, along with the firm’s nine dedicated candidate members and outstanding administration, completes the new generational team at D.R Coell & Associates.

These industry veterans, associates and staff bring over a century of combined experience, ensuring that D.R. Coell & Associates remains at the forefront of innovative appraisal practices. The firm’s team possesses diverse skill sets and areas of expertise, making it possible for team members to always have someone to turn to for advice and specialized knowledge.

D.R. Coell & Associates is adapting to the future of work with remote work capabilities. Photo provided by D.R. Coell & Associates

As D.R. Coell & Associates steps into the future, the firm embraces continuous advancements that redefine the standards of the industry. 

From advanced data analytics to state-of-the-art valuation models, their commitment to technological innovation ensures that clients receive unparalleled service. Their investment in cutting-edge appraisal technologies not only enhances accuracy and efficiency but also sets a new benchmark in every report the firm generates.

For D.R. Coell & Associates, their team is crucial to the firm’s success. Of the utmost priority is hiring the right people and making sure they have the support, mentorship and resources to thrive. Built on a foundation of hard work and accountability, D.R. Coell & Associates believes in a balanced lifestyle and positive reinforcements.

Recognizing the evolving nature of work, D.R. Coell & Associates provides seamless work-from-home capabilities for their team members. With integrated databases, all that appraisers need is an internet connection. This remote work flexibility allows team members to continue to serve their clients’ needs while enjoying work-life balance. Their team's ability to deliver quality appraisal and consulting reports remains steadfast, demonstrating a commitment to adaptability and a progressive work environment. 

"Discover Greater Value" encapsulates D.R Coell & Associates’ promise of excellence to their clients, partners, and team members by echoing their commitment to consistently deliver superior value in every aspect of their services. Whether it's through their seasoned team, supportive company culture, or technological advancements, the tagline serves as the firm’s guiding principle.

As the firm commemorates its rich legacy of excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction over five decades, D.R. Coell & Associates looks forward to the future with renewed vigor.

D.R. Coell & Associates is celebrating 50 years of trusted service and success in the real estate valuation and advisory services industry.

D.R. Coell & Associates is hiring fully designated AACI’s and Candidate members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Find a great career at