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Vancouver Island marinas offer boating lifestyle without having to own a boat

Enjoy your time on the water and let the marina staff take care of the rest
Enjoy spending a day on the boat.

Long before she lived on Vancouver Island, Dawn Postnikoff craved time on the water. A self-described “crazy Albertan,” she would visit in February and rent a kayak just to get out and hit the high seas. 

“It would’ve been even better if I could toss a line in or drop a prawn trap, but I was content at the time to pack a sandwich in my dry bag and cruise up Tod Inlet,” she describes.

When she and her family finally moved to the island in 2016, she quickly discovered that, just because you live near the ocean, doesn’t mean it’s easy to get out on the water.

Finding moorage at a local marina is almost impossible, not to mention expensive, and parking a trailer in the yard isn’t something the neighbours appreciate. Factor in making the time and energy to purchase, maintain and winterize a boat, and things can get complicated fast.

Searching to find a solution to address these obstacles, Postnikoff was intrigued to hear about the Club YOLO Boat Membership program offered by Mill Bay Marine Group (MBMG), which offers access to boats conveniently located at Mill Bay and Port Sidney Marinas. 

Below, Ramona Coulombe of MBMG provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Learn more about the Club YOLO Boat Membership program. Photo via: Bayliner Boats

What is a boat membership club?

With Club YOLO, you have access to multiple boats that you can reserve online in advance. Much like the ease of a golf membership, there is a one-time membership fee and affordable monthly payments. Aside from that, your only costs are your fuel—no moorage fees, no insurance fees and no maintenance fees. 

What kinds of boats are available?

“We currently have a total of seven boats of varying styles (Trophy T20CC, Bayliner VR5, Beneteau Antares 7 and Center Console Aluminum). The ratio is one boat for eight members, which allows plenty of time for everyone to get out on the water,” says Coulombe.

Can members bring their family and pets on the boat?

Yes, as long as a member is driving the boat, they can bring friends and family with them. Club YOLO also has pet-friendly boats at each marina.

The members can use boats for fishing too. Photo via: Bayliner Boats

Can members use the boats for fishing?

“Absolutely! The Trophy is outfitted with fish finders, downrigger mounts, navigational equipment, chart plotters and all the requisite safety gear. All you need to bring is your current license, fishing gear and a cooler to store your catch,” says Coulombe. 

Can members take the boats overnight? 

“After you have been a member for a full year, you can take the boats overnight. In fact, many members like to explore the Gulf Islands and then stay overnight in our Glamping Tents at Port Browning Marina Resort on Pender Island,” says Coulombe. 

Are there additional benefits of being a Club YOLO member?

Yes, members receive a discount of 25% off all AdventureCo Destinations accommodation units and complimentary use of kayaks and e-bikes at the Marinas.

Where can people learn more?

Visit the website at for more information on membership details, available boats and rates.