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New hearing aid technology offers discreet solutions for hearing loss

The first step to better hearing starts with a free test from HearingLife
Hearing health is crucial for your overall wellness.

Bulky, noticeable hearing aids are a thing of the past.

The latest in hearing aid technology features a range of almost imperceptible devices, revolutionizing the way we address hearing loss.

“A lot of things have changed in hearing aids over the years, from the technology that’s inside, to the look of the hearing aid on the outside,” HearingLife audiologist Katie Koebel says.

“With technology, a lot of components are smaller so we can get a lot of capability in a smaller unit that even 10 years ago wasn’t possible.”

The three biggest advances in hearing aid technology over the past few years include Bluetooth compatibility, rechargeable batteries, and more environmentally responsive hearing technology.

“Hearing aids are getting a lot smarter and reacting to sound environments a lot better than they used to,” Koebel says.

“They know what sounds you need to focus on and different amplification strategies give the wearer the best listening experience.”

The Bluetooth-enabled technology also allows users to connect directly to devices such as phones and televisions, for an optimized hearing experience that is personalized to the wearer.

Discretion in hearing solutions is one of the hallmarks of HearingLife’s latest technological offerings. The first step to improving your hearing is scheduling a free hearing test from HearingLife.

Photo provided by HearingLife Canada

“If either you yourself or you have a loved one that’s maybe told you they think you should get hearing tested, your best option would be to have a hearing assessment,” Koebel says.

“The message is to not delay, the sooner that you’re tested, the sooner you know you have hearing loss, the sooner you can get treatment, the better your hearing will be.”

Untreated hearing loss can lead to difficulties down the road.The sooner hearing solutions are leveraged, the better long-term outcome for your ears.

“We hear with our brains. They take all the input from our ears and translate it. If those pathways don’t get stimulated with sound, the longer they are deprived, the more difficult it is to adapt to hearing aids in the future,” Koebel says.

“All kinds of research shows that people who get amplification earlier are more successful with hearing aids later on.”

Treating hearing loss is also crucial for overall wellness. Untreated hearing issues can lead to social isolation and depression.

Fortunately, the hearing professionals at HearingLife can help guide you to the perfect solution that will help you love your ears.

“There are different style options for hearing aids, and a lot of them are very discreet,” Koebel says.

“Depending on your level of hearing loss and personal preference, you can work with a hearing professional to find the solution that is best for you.”

HearingLife also makes it easy for clients to try out their new hearing aids with a risk-free 30-day trial.

Take your time trying out your newest pair of hearing aids at home for 30 days. Rediscover all the sounds you’ve been missing and if they don’t work out for you, the HearingLife team will help you find a better solution for your needs.

To find a hearing centre near you and book a free hearing test today, visit