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Looking for a job? Join this logistics company and become an exclusive Amazon delivery driver

Being a driver at Zzenzen Logistics – a Delivery Service Partner of Amazon – comes with some great perks
Thierry Ndoricimpa.

Are you currently looking for a job with great benefits in a thriving industry and a team-centric work environment? Then Zzenzen Logistics Canada is just the right match for you.

Zzenzen Logistics is an exclusive Delivery Service Partner for Amazon Canada serving Greater Victoria and is actively hiring drivers now.

As a delivery driver with Zzenzen Logistics, you are able to work independently and are reliable and customer oriented.  Working alongside Amazon as the world's most customer-oriented company in the world has its perks. Zzenzen Logistics offers competitive wages and benefits while providing flexible work schedules and opportunities for career advancement – and your work will bring smiles to your customers’ faces. 

Zzenzen Logistics maximizes the driver’s experience

The first thing the employees see in the morning when they enter the warehouse is the well appointed cafeteria. Employees enjoy a well appointed cafeteria with complimentary coffee and hot chocolate and other paid food choices. The cafeteria vibe is set up to encourage play and getting to know your colleagues with communal tables, video games, arcade basketball and ping pong; all in all a great place to socialize with colleagues.

Owen Einarson. Photo by Catherine Kennedy

“We want to maximize the work experience for all of our employees at Zzenzen Logistics. Creating a welcoming environment with a focus on engagement helps to create a team environment as coworkers get to know one another,” says Zzenzen Logistics operator Ken Mayes.

Employee engagement is a big deal for Zzenzen Logistics. "From holding engagement interviews to conducting ongoing raffles of prizes ranging from gift cards to TV's is just one way that we honor the work and dedication of our team,” explains Mayes.

Zzenzen Logistics values employee safety

Safety and customer satisfaction is the highest priority for Zzenzen Logistics and Amazon. One of Zzenzen Logistics' most important pillars is diversity and creating a healthy, safe and inclusive work environment, which includes the physical and emotional safety of each employee. Many safety measures are in place to ensure smooth workflows.

Zzenzen Logistics celebrates diversity and is committed to make every employee feel welcomed. 

The company also established the “Zzenzen 360” initiative which promotes employee satisfaction with their job. “Every single one of our employees is a respected member of our company and we value our employees’ work-life balance. The goal of the “Zzenzen 360” initiative is to reflect that and to increase the employees’ motivation and engagement with their work,” explains Mayes.

Amanda Cabral. Photo by Catherine Kennedy

Competitive pay rate of $21.20/hour plus benefits

New candidates have the potential to receive conditional offers of employment on the spot during the interview stage. "The goal is to get our new recruits driving and making money as soon as possible,” says Mayes. Newly recruited drivers can look forward to a competitive pay rate of CAD $21.20/ hour.

Employees have the opportunity for bonuses and overtime when available. Opportunities to grow within this company are available as well. 

Interested in one of the many positions at Zzenzen Logistics? The application process is simple and can be done in just a few, easy steps. For more information, visit the company’s website at