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How Vancouver Islanders can invest in a safe and sustainable green future

Island Savings Wealth Management, a division of FW Wealth Management Ltd., helps members flourish financially
The Island Savings Wealth Management team.

If there’s one thing that unites Vancouver Islanders and cuts across any social or political matters, it’s their collective love for the natural beauty surrounding them.

And they’ll do anything to preserve it.

This shared mentality is also seen when it comes to money matters, as an increasing number of residents are exploring opportunities to support environmentally friendly businesses, renewable energy projects and ethical investment funds.

Travis Koivula, Senior wealth advisor at Island Savings Wealth Management and Aviso Wealth, along with his colleagues at Island Savings, can help them do just that.

“I am having more and more requests for more socially responsible portfolios,” Koivula says. “People want to align their investments with their values and see their money do well for them and the environment.”

Expertise to help you invest with assurance  

Koivula works alongside a Victoria-based team of advisors who are expert partners -– they create personalized plans while providing comprehensive advice to help clients navigate their financial decisions with confidence.

In Koivula’s case, his clientele consists primarily of small business owners and executives who want to ensure they have enough money to maintain their standard of living, while simultaneously contributing to substantive change for the better.

“Clients see a changing world and want to make a difference in it,” Koivula explains. “I also challenge clients to look beyond what they can remove from their portfolio, and to invest in companies that have a positive impact on the environment and our communities as a whole.”

Green opportunities galore 

Those wanting to invest with a more environmentally friendly approach can look to numerous government initiatives and budgets in recent years to realize the opportunities that can be unlocked by investing in green tech and clean energy.

This year’s provincial budget, for example, has earmarked $1.3 billion over three years towards new investments in fostering the clean economy and addressing climate change.

A further $318 million will be used to support grant and rebate programs to move toward cleaner transportation, buildings and communities, along with $474 million to support transportation and community infrastructure.

Earlier this year, Premier David Eby announced a $36-billion investment in community and regional infrastructure projects that will deliver clean, affordable electricity to people and businesses in the future. These projects are projected to support 10,500 to 12,500 jobs on average annually.

The federal government, meanwhile, is also stressing a need to build an economy around a low-carbon future by exploring options around clean batteries, hydrogen, biofuels, renewable energy and nuclear power.

In short, governments of all stripes are banking on green opportunities and Koivula can help his clients tailor financial plans that follow suit.

“More and more investment options are coming available to clients so they can create a portfolio that is right for them,” Koivula says. “It’s great to see our clients achieving competitive returns while still holding investments that align with their values.” 

To learn more about how the team at Island Savings Wealth Management can help you go green with your investments, visit