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How Simon Fraser University is leading the way for a stronger and more inclusive B.C.

Key initiatives such as new medical school are contributing to the province’s growth and sustainability
SFU Surrey campus.

In an ever-changing world, post-secondary education stands as a vital driver of progress. 

Simon Fraser University (SFU) takes a leading role in shaping the future of British Columbia by equipping its students with the skills and knowledge needed for success. 

SFU's contributions cover areas such as economic recovery, environmental sustainability and innovation. 

Central to SFU's ongoing initiatives is the groundbreaking establishment of a new medical school on its Surrey campus.

“In B.C. and around the world, health care systems are facing significant challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic and opioid crisis have stretched services beyond capacity and revealed inequities and disparities in access to health care. A new medical school at SFU will add capacity in B.C., training physicians to meet the current and future needs of a growing and diverse population,” says Kris Magnusson, senior advisor, Office of the Provost and VPA, and acting associate vice-president, learning & teaching.

SFU SYRE building. Photo provided by SFU

“As the first new medical school to be built in western Canada in more than 55 years, it represents a significant opportunity for innovation and impact in socially accountable medical education, designed to reduce barriers and ensure that marginalized and underserved populations have access to quality health care.”

The SFU Medical School is poised to play a pivotal role in B.C.'s healthcare landscape. Focused primarily on training physicians to provide team-based community-level healthcare, with an emphasis on family practice, it will help to address the pressing shortage of family doctors and British Columbians’ access to care. 

What sets this medical school apart is its commitment to working with the diverse communities it will serve. In collaboration with the Fraser Health Authority and First Nations Health Authority, it aims to address service gaps for underserved populations, weave Indigenous knowledge systems and perspectives into its programs and ensure graduates are equipped to respond to community needs and improve health outcomes.

As SFU takes this monumental step forward, its impact on British Columbia remains steadfast and wide-ranging. The university's influence extends to various sectors, including economic recovery, environmental sustainability and innovation - all essential aspects of B.C.'s growth and development.

SFU's contribution to sustainability is exemplified by the School of Sustainable Engineering, where students explore cleantech and renewable energy, preparing to lead in sustainability solutions. The BC Centre for Agritech Innovation connects small and medium-sized enterprises in the agritech sector with academic researchers and industry partners to address food security and climate change.

SFU's commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation is evident through the Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship, which extends entrepreneurship training to all students, nurturing creativity and innovation. Startups like Moment Energy, founded by SFU students, exemplify the impact of this initiative by repurposing electric vehicle batteries to provide electricity to off-grid communities.

Moment Energy founders. Photo provided by SFU

SFU's contributions also extend beyond education. Its alumni, numbering close to 200,000 across 152 countries, are leaders in business, government and the non-profit sector. Several SFU graduates have been recognized in the BC Business Top 30 under 30 list, underscoring the impact and success of SFU's educational programs.

As SFU continues to shape the future of British Columbia, its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and addressing critical government priorities stands as a testament to a more sustainable, inclusive and innovative future for all British Columbians. 

To learn more about SFU’s planned medical school, visit the SFU website.