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Embrace an exciting health care career and a vibrant coastal lifestyle on Vancouver Island with Island Health

Join Island Health for a fulfilling career path and stay for the close-knit community
Eric, clinical coordinator (left) and Keira, registered nurse (right) at Port McNeill Hospital.

Offering a unique blend of career opportunities and a captivating rural lifestyle, Island Health has become the destination of choice for those seeking fulfilling health care careers and thriving community living.

Island Health is eager to attract a diverse array of professionals, from registered nurses to laboratory technologists, who not only possess necessary medical skills but also share a passion for the unique lifestyle that comes with living on Canada's stunning west coast.

What sets Island Health apart from other health care employers is the exceptional lifestyle it offers on the breathtaking west coast of Canada. Vancouver Island is renowned for its natural beauty, boasting access to beaches, the ocean, and mountains, all set against the backdrop of one of the mildest climates in the country. 

This is the perfect place for health care workers who crave a healthy, active lifestyle and have a genuine passion for helping others.

A rural and remote nursing incentive program offers significant benefits, including a $15,000 incentive for a three-year Return of Service (ROS) commitment or $10,000 for a two-year ROS. Nurses can also receive up to $2,000 annually, with a maximum of $8,000, for professional development fees during years two to five of employment. 

Photo provided by Island Health

The allure of rural living on Canada's west coast lies in the abundance of outdoor activities and the opportunity to truly connect with the local community.

“Everyone I have worked with in North Vancouver Island has extended warm welcomes. I also enjoy the challenge of rural healthcare; our communities face challenges that are not always experienced in urban areas. These challenges encourage new ideas and innovative thinking,” says Island Health clinical services and special projects director Ian Wood.

“You will not find a more beautiful landscape to enjoy than the Kawkwaka’wakw Territory in North Vancouver Island. My work-life balance has always been a struggle, as I am being called daily to go on adventures with friends and family. Moving to and working in North Vancouver Island will improve your quality of life.”

Port Hardy, located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, is a prime example of the vibrant communities found in this region. The strong sense of community is evident through numerous events, festivals, and gatherings.

Similarly, Port McNeill, nestled on the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island, offers exceptional opportunities for hiking, biking, ocean activities, and community engagement. 

For those seeking a rich cultural experience, Alert Bay on Cormorant Island is the place to be. Its captivating town is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty, offering stunning coastal vistas and opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and wildlife spotting. 

Meanwhile, Port Alice, a close-knit community situated in the northern part of Vancouver Island, offers a tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts. 

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