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Glenlyon Norfolk School launches Momentum Scholarships to empower future changemakers

The Momentum Scholarships are designed to support exceptional students by providing a limited number of renewable scholarships of up to $10,000 to new domestic students entering Grades 9 to 11
Glenlyon Norfolk School is a co-ed independent, not-for-profit, International Baccalaureate day and boarding school.

With a strong dedication to academic excellence and holistic student development, Victoria’s Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS) has announced the launch of its Momentum Scholarships program aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders and trailblazers.

The Momentum Scholarships offer a tangible means of support for exceptional students by providing a limited number of renewable scholarships of up to $10,000 to new domestic students entering Grades 9 to 11.

Exposing students to a world of possibilities

At the heart of GNS lies the innovative International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum coupled with a supportive learning environment. This unique combination allows students to carve out individualized learning pathways, strengthening academic success and essential leadership skills that will enable them to thrive in an increasingly globalized world.

“GNS provides a unique framework of care and support for students, which enables them to strive and thrive to do great things in all areas of their lives through the acquisition of future-facing approaches to learning,” says Senior School Principal, Carolyn Green. “In doing so, they will become leaders who positively impact the lives of others.” 

Current GNS scholarship award winners enrich the lives of their peers by bringing with them a wealth of new and different experiences and learnings, she adds. 

“The one thing I would say about these scholarship recipients is that they all have found their confidence and their passion at GNS. They are leaders of clubs, initiatives, their peers and they feel like they have found their place,” Green explains. “GNS is a school where everyone finds their place — whether that be on the field, the stage, the classroom, on the water or in the gym.”

GNS pairs an ‚ÄčIB curriculum with a supportive learning environment to promote academic success while fostering leadership skills. Photo via: Glenlyon Norfolk School.

Motivating forward momentum

The Momentum Scholarships initiative targets students who resonate with several key factors, including a commitment to developing scholastic and leadership potential, aligning with the school’s focus on academic excellence and holistic student development. 

GNS also looks for students who can foresee a bright future, in their own lives and for humanity and are looking for opportunities to kickstart their path to success. This initiative reflects the school’s resolve to prepare students as they begin to navigate the complexities of the 21st century. 

The Momentum Scholarship selection process would also prioritize goal-driven youth who surround themselves with positive influences, exemplifying the importance GNS places on building a strong and supportive school community. 

Having big dreams is an essential component of being a GNS student, and its teachers and leaders are committed to uplifting those dreams so that students are set up to pursue them, reflecting the value GNS places on sustaining a culture of lifelong learning within the school community. This motivation and intrinsic drive is something that students will carry with them into the future.

Head of School, Chad Holtum, says that scholarships play a crucial role in nurturing students who exemplify the school’s core values; truth, courage, community, caring and individuality. 

“These scholarships are designed to support students who demonstrate strong academic performance and a commitment to leadership development, aligning perfectly with the ethos of GNS.”

Paving a path to success 

Charlie Murray, a current Grade 9 student at the school, describes GNS as very inclusive and that you get to know a lot of people. 

“There are a lot of new opportunities, like all the clubs and the places you have a chance to travel to. For example, I went to Disneyland over the Spring Break with Band,” he explains. “If you’re going to come to GNS, try all the clubs. That’s how you get to meet a lot of new friends and find the people you’re going to spend a lot of time with here.”

Alison Scott, another Grade 9 student says GNS does a wonderful job of welcoming everyone. 

“It’s a really nice community. They also do a nice job of helping you understand what’s expected of you and how you can best use your class time or your out-of-school time,” she describes. “The teachers here are just generally very nice, kind people.”

GNS offers more than just financial assistance. Students join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share their ambitions. Together, students will be empowered to reach their full potential and become leaders who can contribute meaningfully to the world. 

For families that require additional support, the GNS bursary program is available above and beyond this award.

For more information about how to apply, please visit