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Get the communications and IT solutions your company needs—all in one place

With more than a century of trusted expertise, SaskTel offers unparalleled advantages for all types of businesses in Victoria
SaskTel offers across-the-board solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses in Victoria, B.C.

When it comes to choosing a communications and information technology (IT) service provider for your business, the number of choices out there can feel overwhelming.

SaskTel is here to solve that dilemma.

SaskTel isn’t just a Saskatchewan phone company. SaskTel is rooted in Western Canada with a national reach, offering across-the-board solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses in B.C., including the business community in Victoria, with a breadth of comprehensive offerings.

From network and security, to cloud and data centre services, managed IT solutions, contact centre and fully unified communications and collaboration solutions, SaskTel will work with your business in Greater Victoria to ensure it has made the right investments to thrive through technology.

“We have a 100-year history, and that longevity really speaks to the great customer service we provide,” says SaskTel marketing manager Kristen Cozine. “We’ve been in the communications space for a really long time, and our deep investment in the success of our customers is what differentiates us from other telecommunication and information technology providers.”

SaskTel’s century of experience and its expert staff means it has the capabilities to provide custom-managed solutions for a wide spectrum of business types in Victoria: real estate agencies and developers, municipalities, regional districts, legal firms, architects, the automotive industry, insurance firms, medical offices, and much more. 

Cloud-based services

SaskTel’s cloud-based services include cloud hosting, loud backup and cloud disaster recovery. 

“SaskTel has made a significant investment in its data centre infrastructure, which underpins our cloud services, and we have a large team of technical experts who are available to assist businesses with their day-to-day hosting requirements. Around 30% of our data centre client base comes from businesses located outside of Saskatchewan, and we have invested heavily in world class infrastructure and data centre management tools,” says Cozine.

IT services

SaskTel’s IT services cover managed network services like LAN/WAN and Wi-Fi, managed IT services like server and firewall management as well as a full suite of professional services available for consumption for both one-time and ongoing engagement models.  

“We have some of the top network, IT and security professionals in Western Canada available to our clients,” says Cozine.  

World-class data centres 

SaskTel has worked hard to achieve national recognition over the past five years and has also grown its world-class data centre business almost three-fold. With their four data centres in Saskatchewan, your data never leaves Canada. 

“With data residency, for a lot of companies it’s very important that their data isn’t going to the U.S or overseas or anywhere else in the world,” says Cozine. “With SaskTel, you know your data stays within Canada and that’s a key factor in the decision of where to store your business information.”

SaskTel offers data centre products such as cloud back up and colocation, where businesses lease space for their servers and computing hardware, and provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security of the data centres as well.

Their customers can also take advantage of SaskTel cloud hosting service that includes the hardware, OS and support of the customers’ virtual servers. In case of a cloud disaster, SaskTel provides the cloud hosting service that allows a business to re-wind and recover anything in minutes and direct it to the customer’s recovery site.  

Additional services include managing and maintaining Azure infrastructure as SaskTel is an authorized Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider.

SaskTel is here to help

Peace of mind and security are cornerstones of the SaskTel model. Their expert Network Operations Centre proactively monitors your networks and solutions around the clock, with technical support being available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customers in Victoria and surrounding areas can rest assured that they’re covered if they experience an outage or similar issue.

Plus, SaskTel will work with your business throughout all stages of your solution, from designing to implementing, supporting and maintaining.

Experience the SaskTel difference today. Visit to know what they can do for you.