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Bathroom faucets enhance your design with function and innovative style

Splashes Bath & Kitchen guides you on buying the best faucet for your needs and budget

Like a piece of statement jewellery that catches your eye before the outfit does, bathroom faucets are no longer just part of the background. 

Today, faucets with function and flair are the focal point of your sink, with more bold designs, versatile finishes, and dynamic shapes to choose from than ever before. Plus, there are picks for sustainability that won't compromise your style, as touchless operation and water-saving efficiency models are as innovative as they are visually striking.

The market is flooded with a myriad of options, so it's essential to familiarize yourself with important pre-purchase considerations, in addition to your personal preferences.

At Splashes Bath & Kitchen, their expert product consultants have solutions to enrich your bathroom spaces that meet your style, needs and budget—the top three things to consider before buying a faucet.

Before you buy

"Initially, our consultants will ask if you're replacing an existing faucet, remodelling the whole bathroom, or starting a new build, and if so, what size and style the sink is," says Andrew Silbernagel, marketing coordinator. 

“If in doubt, they can bring us pictures showing the sink, and provide the centre to centre hole distance.”

"They'll also inquire about who will be using it. If somebody has mobility concerns, for example, they may need a motion-activated faucet or easy-moving single handle, among other use-case circumstances. Consider, too, your countertop space. If you want to keep it clear, you might look at a wall-mount faucet.”

Other considerations include flow rate and environmental concerns: some faucets carry the WaterSense label, which meets EPA criteria, with water use at least 20% less than standard faucets. Moen Cia MotionSense Wave, for example, meets such criteria and combines touchless operation with a one-handle lever.

Faucet types 

Whether you're looking for a modern, traditional or transitional (fusion of modern and traditional) faucet, there's a product suited to your bathroom aesthetics and design taste.

Silbernagel suggests knowing your installation needs. A single-hole faucet (smaller footprint), has a single handle that controls the water volume and temperature, like the Kohler faucet in matte black from the Composed series, with beautifully understated elements of minimalist design. "We're very excited about our new availability of Kohler products," says Silbernagel.

A centreset faucet is a one-piece spout with two handles for more precise temperature control, designed for sinks with one or three holes measuring four inches from centre to centre.

Kohler's Composed series is also available as a widespread faucet, which makes for a refined makes for a refined and luxurious design style, with separate handles and spout, perfect for larger vanities and pedestals. 

You'll also find vessel faucets, which is like a single-hole faucet but taller, commonly used with vessel sinks, like the exquisite Axor Massaud, an elegant waterfall flow design with a built-in shelf.

Bridge faucets are two-handled faucets joined with a horizontal connector pipe exposed above the countertop; a timeless style that commands attention.

Faucet finishes

There's an amazing array of finishes, which all influence how your space looks and feels. 

Consider chrome (wildly favoured for its versatility, cleaning ease); matte black (versatile, bold, strong accent); tarnish-resistant stainless steel (scratch and corrosion resistant); nickel, both polished (warm, rich tone) and brushed (luxurious and earthy feel, extremely durable, fingerprint resistant); oil-rubbed bronze (captures old-world artisanship); champagne bronze (appealing industrial look), and white, among others.

On-trend is the use of mixed materials, like the beautiful combination of wood and metal as represented by the Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo. “This gorgeous new collection draws inspiration from nature and organic architecture, and can be special ordered," reveals Silbernagel.

Whether you book a free consultation or drop by the showroom, you'll find a wide selection of durable faucets and display models at competitive prices. Splashes consultants are savvy with the latest product knowledge and design trends, and can help you determine your best faucet choices, uniquely fitting your personal style, budget, and intended purpose. 

"Splashes has multiple brands and hundreds of products in stock or on display, with a range of finishes, styles and shapes," says Silbernagel. "We're here to help you through every step of the process, so your home shopping experience is as enjoyable as possible." 

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