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Week 8 - Life's too short :(

Week 8 - What did I learn this week: 1. That life's too short to not be happy! I'm not really sure where the blog is going to go this week as my thoughts are kinda all over the place right now...

Week 8 - What did I learn this week: 1. That life's too short to not be happy!

I'm not really sure where the blog is going to go this week as my thoughts are kinda all over the place right now... hopefully it will make sense by the time I finish this week’s update :)

More on lesson 1 - A good friend’s father passed away last week and it got me to thinking about life in general and why people do the things they do and make the choices the make. I was lucky growing up that I did not have to deal with the death of anyone close to me until I was almost 17 when my grandfather passed away. It was really sad - I had lived with my grandparents for some of my grade 12 year because my Navy dad was posted to Nova Scotia and I didn't want to move for my final year of high school so I stayed with them and my aunt for grade 12. I could see my grandfather detoriating in front of me and it was really scary that there was nothing I could do about it. Our family dealt with his passing as best as anyone does and rallied around supporting my grandmother who was the rock and backbone of our family. I was pregnant with Darius when my grandmother passed away. She was struggling with dementia for years and had lived with my mom up island for quite a while before she eventually had to move into a care home. Jasmyn and I would go up and spend the weekend with her as often as we could. I always felt especially connected to my grandma because I was the eldest grandchild and somehow we just had a bond that I can't really explain. My grandma had a few things in life that she wanted to accomplish 1 was to live to 90 - which she did!! - and 2 was she wanted to become a great grandmother - which she did when Jasmyn was born (her first great grandchild). Obviously there is more that she accomplished but it's too much to get into this week. All thru the years Jasmyn and my grandma (GG to Jasmyn) had a special bond as well. When my grandma still lived on her own in Victoria we would head over to her place on Saturday's after Jasmyn's soccer game and hang out, have lunch, or take her somewhere etc. Because I moved around so much when I was younger it was important to me that Jasmyn got to spend as much time with her GG as possible. When I got the call on a Thursday at work from my mom that GG was sicker than usual and the doctor thought she might only have a week left to live, I decided we needed to go up island that night so that I could see her before anything happened and spend the weekend with her. I decided to bring Jasmyn with me hoping that she might be able to see her before she got too sick and the whole ride up I was debating whether or not to bring Jasmyn to see GG on Thursday night when we got up island or take her Friday morning. I had decided to just let GG sleep and bring Jasmyn to see her Friday morning and then as I was at a red light at the turn that would take me to her care home something made me change my mind and bring Jasmyn tonight not tomorrow morning as I had planned. Well we go into her room, she was awake but obviously on some pain meds, (near the end GG would have a hard time recognizing us but always knew that we were people that loved her I felt), as we came around the corner my grandma's eyes light up and she says "She's here, she came to see me. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you". Silly me was thinking oh she is talking about me - nice to see you too GG but nope when I followed her sight line I realized she was staring right at Jasmyn and reaching out to her. We stayed with her for a while, chatted, told her we loved her etc. and then went to my mom's. Well my grandma lost consciousness on Friday and never regained it before she passed away on Saturday morning with only me and my sister there. It made me really happy to know that my grandma got to see Jasmyn one more time before she passed. What's the moral of this long winded story - Always trust your gut and make choices that will make you happy!!

JJ & GG pic

More on making choices that make you happy - I have been thinking about why I wanted to do the TC Health Challenge and it wasn't to get healthier (which is a huge perk) but to get happier.  I was so tired of being unhappy everytime I look in the mirror that I knew it was time to make a change and make choices that will make me happier!  So on that note I have renamed the last 4 weeks of the TC Health Challenge the TC Happy Challenge!!

Another thing that made me happy - I was out walking one lunch hour with Julie and she saw this sign which has changed my life LOL!  In order to make myself happier I have decided to wear my veggies instead of eating them - Thank you veggie socks!!

Veggie pic

Veggie sock pic

Work out wise last week was hard as usual - I tried a Tabata workout and the printout my trainer gave me explaining how it works was called "to hell and back in 4 minutes flat - Tabata trainig"  I think they need to work on their marketing pitch - with a title like that who wouldn't want to try it.  Just sayin'

Here are a couple of quotes that got me thinking about my choices this week:

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough"

"One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching"

Moral of the story - make choices that will make you happy - it may not make you happy right away but in the long run you will be happier for having made the choice!

Till next time......

Laters baby!!!!