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Week 6 - Ask and ye shall receive!

Sunshine and rainbows it is!! What did I learn this week: 1) That my daughter kicks a$$ and takes names!! (FYI it doesn't count as a swear word if you use $ instead of s's) More on lesson 1 - My daughter plays night league basketball and her team had

Sunshine and rainbows it is!!

What did I learn this week: 1) That my daughter kicks a$$ and takes names!! (FYI it doesn't count as a swear word if you use $ instead of s's)

More on lesson 1 - My daughter plays night league basketball and her team had their Championship game on Tuesday night this week. They played a team that was a year older than them. It was a pretty stressful game for the parents watching! It was really close and the other team was really strong. But thankfully my daughter's team was stronger! The whole team played really well and my daughter Jasmyn played awesome!! She played one of the best games I have seen her play - she was getting rebounds, making awesome passes, scoring baskets, making steals, driving to the hoop and scoring while getting fouled then hitting nothing but net free throws. It was so amazing just to watch her play so well. I was so proud of her. She is a pretty special kid and I am lucky to be her mom. Her team won the game and I was so proud of the whole team. They played hard and it was nice that they were rewarded for their hard work.

More good things that happened this week: I received my replacement Kobo in the mail this week after my old one died, our passports came, my daughters phone finally got fixed, I sent my husband's turtle beach headphones away to be replaced, got our taxes done and passed my first Management Studies CMA quiz!! On top of the 4 big exams I am taking between Jan and July this year there are 7 Management Studies online quizzes that you need to take and pass as well in order to be able to write the entrance exam in Oct. I wrote the first quiz on Tuesday before my daughter's game and passed it - yeah me!! I'm going to try and do another one this weekend before jumping back into Module 2 that starts on Saturday.

Well - week 6 - I am officially half way thru the 12 week healthy challenge - it's hard to believe that it has been 6 weeks already - the time has really flown by. How do I feel - in a word - relieved - I am relived to be on a path to a new healthier life. I am relived that I don't have to question if I am doing the right things - I am just trying to do what I'm told exercise wise and trust that it's going to work. I am relieved that I can't make excuses anymore - it's only me that can change me and no one else.

Things have been going pretty good so far - I have managed to exercise between 4-5 times per week and I am proud that I have not stepped on the scale yet. In past attempts to lose weight I would always be on the scale and then get disappointed when it seemed like I wasn't losing weight fast enough and start to back track. When the TC Healthy Challenge came up I made a decision to not get on the scale because I don't want to be disappointed that I am not losing weight fast enough - I just want to follow the program and if that means I lose weight slower but have done it in a way that means I can maintain the weight loss then that will be so much better for me long term. I am trying to do this for life not just 12 weeks. I am pretty sure I have lost weight though. Today I was able to wear jeans that hadn't fit me since before I hurt my knee in September - so that is a good sign. My favourite go to elastic waist work pants are going to be retired this week I think as they are getting too big. I am a little sorry to see them go but really elastic waist pants should only be for pregnant ladies and exercise clothes not work clothes. And not to taint your view of me but I am a little vain and I think I have lost weight in my face as my wrinkles seem more pronounced as of late LOL! Here's a pic of me at work today: (Sorry it's really hard to post pics on this new blog site - I'm still working on it - I hope this pic won't be huge when this posts!)

6 week pic

As for the eating part I haven't really gotten too strict with it and haven't been weighing and measuring everything before I eat it. I am just trying to focus on eating smaller portions and making more healthy choices than unhealthy choices. A typical week for me is Monday -Friday at work for breakfast I have a Magic Bullet smoothie with protein powder, yogurt, frozen fruit and spinach and some water as well as a small bowl of dry Special K. For a snack it is usually a sun-rype fruit and veggie bar or some other fruit, lunch is either another smoothie or else some chicken and some carb or half a Cliff bar, afternoon snack is almonds and raisins, dinner is whatever my husband makes but usually some brown rice, or whole wheat pasta, a protein (chicken, pork chops etc) and some veggies. Breakfast on the weekends is eggs and turkey bacon or a pancake and turkey bacon and lunch is hit or miss depending on what time we have breakfast. I still need to try to get more veggies in and maybe should try to be more strict on my diet but I'm just taking baby steps right now and that is good enough for me now. I have some icecream or popcorn at the movies but again I am just trying to focus on eating less than I used to. I want to be realistic and it's not realistic to think that I will never eat cake again so I'm not going to beat myself up if I have something sweet now and then.

This is how my week went exercise wise:

Monday - early morning workout - It's nice to do different circuits each time and I like that it is always something different.

Tuesday - lunch time boot camp - lots of cardio which is good for me. My focus for the next 6 weeks is to try to get more cardio in, if I think I am going to run the 10K I need to be fitter!!

Wednesday - let's just say when your trainer says this is the workout my clients complain about the most you should probably fake an injury and go home! But not me - I'm like bring it on - I really should get my head examined - anyway it was crazy hard but I did it and didn't completely regret it after.

Thursday - no bootcamp - I tweaked my back abit on Wednesday so wanted to rest it.

Friday - early morning spin class - I think I am starting to like spin class - maybe I will have to invest in come of those clicky shoes so I can fit in with everyone else there!

All in all a pretty good week - I have gotten a few notes from people I know and don't know saying nice things which is good. I really appreciate all the support!!

Till next time....

Laters baby!!