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Week 5 - Can someone pass the Kleenex please?

Well another week down - this has been another trying one! Sorry for the lateness of last week's update - it has been a busy week.
Judah pic
Judah pic

Well another week down - this has been another trying one! Sorry for the lateness of last week's update - it has been a busy week. Maybe next week it will be all sunshine and rainbows!!

What did I learn this week: 1) If you are drinking alot of Magic Bullet smoothies with spinach in them you need to check your teeth often as spinach has a tendency to become stuck in them. 2) Popcorn for dinner is not a healthy choice. 3) I still hate salad and 4) I may be slightly emotionally unstable!

A little more on lesson #4 - I believe the final count last week was 6 - I cried 6 times last week for many different reasons. Reason #1 - We had to put down our 10 year old Rottie right after my knee surgery due to complication from diabetes. It was really sad - he was the best dog and loved me alot (I like to think I was his favourite!) Well I asked my co-worker to paint a pic of Judah because he is an amazing artist and for some reason all weekend I was thinking about Judah everytime I came home and was missing him. Then on Monday Jay brought in the pic of Judah he finished on the weekend. Let's just say I got a little emotional - it took me hours before I was able to look at it for more than a few seconds without crying. He did an amazing job! I'll try to post a pic. So the pic of Judah counts as maybe 2-3 times that I cried last week.

 Reason #2 - I had my first CMA test on Saturday and despite my best intentions of studying all week I clearly did not spend enough time studying because when Friday rolled around I was at home studying and completely freaking out because it was taking me alot longer to review the first 6 weeks of material then I had planned. Let's just say I wanted to write the practice exam at noon and did not start it till 11:30PM!! Well anyway - it's 9:30pm on Friday my daughter and son are fighting because he doesn't want to go to bed so I come out of the bedroom (where I do most of my studying) and get mad at Darius just as my husband gets home - he tells me to go back to studying and he will deal with D. He comes in the bedroom and I am in full breakdown mode - bawling about why did I ever think I would be able to do this, why did I think I would have time, I'm going to fail etc, (I think you get the point!) He calmly tells me everything will be ok and that he has faith in me. So the test stress counts as 2 times I cried last week. I cried again at 1:30am when I finished writing the practice exam for the first time and my exam was at 10am the next day.

Reason #3 - On Saturday morning - after the above mentioned mini-breakdown my lovely, caring, understanding husband forwarded me an email that made me cry another 2 times. It was saying to never give up, good things are going to happen you just can't give up. I thought it was so nice of him to send that and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy :)

Reason #4 - Another stupid small thing broke on my car - right after my exam the drivers side door handle broke. This made me cry out of pure (hmmm what's the word?) bewilderment, exhaustion (I don't know what the word is but it was just so perfect that it broke when it did - I was laughing and crying at the same time) - for anyone who knows me and knows about the Kia - it has a tendency for alot of little things to break on it. Wipers came off the track, passenger door lock broke in the lock position 3 times, key broke off in the trunk, the alarm for when you leave your lights on was going constantly until I had to pay someone to just cut the wire, the interior light doesn't work (which could be because we cut too many wires trying to get the alarm to turn off LOL) I could go on and on.

So to summarize I think I may be slowly losing my mind - the jury is still out and a co-worker told me that maybe I am so emotional because all of the exercise I am doing is releasing alot of hormones and stuff. I will have to research that.

Here's how my week went exercise wise:

Oh and not to taint your view of exercise but I have discovered that exercise is always supposed to be hard! If it's not hard then you need to by pushing yourself harder. I was so disappointed to realize that LOL!

Monday - I tried a TRX workout at Westshore Rec. Super hard and it made me feel sick for the rest of the day. But I can see why people like it. I will have to try it again.

Tuesday - Lunch time bootcamp which was extra hard because A) Julie wasn't there to keep my entertained and B) I was so sore from Monday. It was made a little easier and more entertaining because the barefoot grunter workout guy was back!

Wednesday - Early morning workout - I was really tired all week (I think I am fighting a cold) so Wednesday was a tough workout.

Thursday - Bootcamp - again :( no Julie, and just sore and tired all around. But I did it and felt better after. But the highlight of my day was the new sneaks I got from Frontrunners! I asked for the brightest ones they had and I think they delivered. I will try to post a pic of the sneaks too. Big thanks to Frontrunners and New Balance! One of the perks of embarrassing yourself publically is you get free sneaks!

 Shoe pic

Friday - no spin class:( Wanted to use the time to study. I felt guilty for not going but nothing I can do about it now. I walked from Hillside Mall to Tillicum Road carrying my 4 year old most of the way on Sunday waiting for my car to get fixed so hopefully that counts as some exercise :)

Till next time....

Laters baby!! 

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