Who are we to judge the past?

I am at a loss to understand the removal of this and other statues. Who are we, in today’s perspective, to judge a person from another entirely different time and place in history?

Sir John A. Macdonald was a great leader. Without him, what would have happened? Would we have become the united country we are?

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Yes, he was a racist, but not knowingly. Everyone was.

Are we slipping into a society that judges others by their innocent mistakes? Or do we judge our neighbours, instead, by the good they do? We are destroying history, judging the past out of context.

Perhaps we should judge our early doctors, who while doing their best, did not save all their patients. They had to work with the knowledge available.

Simply put, we do not have the knowledge and perspective to judge the past.

J.M. Wilson

Perth, Ont.

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