Under Trump, U.S. economy is roaring back

Re: “Despite NAFTA jitters, Canada launches trade broadside at U.S.,” Jan. 11.

It’s time Canadian leaders open their eyes to the tidal wave of reality that is about to hit our country.

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U.S. President Donald Trump is reviving “made in America” by putting America first, and it’s working, the economy is roaring back to life.

The stock market continuously hits record highs, helping Americans build wealth and secure their future. The S&P 500 index of the leading 500 American companies is up, equating to an increase in value of about $4 trillion. GDP growth is increasing at a perfect rate, and recent tax changes will put more money on Americans’ paycheques beginning Feb. 1, create 339,000 jobs and add $700 billion in growth and savings from eliminating the Affordable Care Act mandate and more.

The unemployment rate is already the lowest in 17 years, and the American energy industry is about to explode with growth and 100,000 jobs, thanks to Trump’s policies.

But many, including our leaders, don’t know about many policy successes with positive effects from the 70 bills signed into law by Trump because the press doesn’t cover it.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should take heed of how the president is helping U.S. workers by expanding apprenticeship programs and reforming job-training programs. Trudeau should also rein in the big-mouths who are playing with fire by complaining to the World Trade Organization.

Trump is a force to be reckoned with and a shrewd businessman; he will invoke NAFTA’s withdrawal clause if he is pushed.

Stacey Gaiga

Port Alberni

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