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Private sector could match public-sector benefits

Re: “Foster culture of frugality in municipalities,” letter, June 5.

Re: “Foster culture of frugality in municipalities,” letter, June 5.

The Grumpy Taxpayer is spot on with his paragraph on the importance of “a well-qualified and paid municipal employee workforce” and the contributions they make to delivering quality services.

True in all local cases. Just look around in the city (OK, tent city aside) and marvel at the municipal beauty of parks, trails, intersection displays and numerous beautification projects that pop out at you.

The writer, however, misses the mark when he compares municipal remuneration to the “private sector.” He notes pensions, vacation time and health benefits. Although the Canadian Federation of Independent Business mocks these union gains, perhaps it is the private sector that is ripping off workers who should all be receiving these basic workplace benefits.

The one per cent are alive and well and should perhaps be sharing the wealth with the many frugal employees they take advantage of. Corporate elites, are you listening?

Max Miller