Nanaimo mayor talks sense about deer cull

Re: “Nanaimo mayor questions benefit of Oak Bay deer cull,” March 14.

The comments made by the mayor of Nanaimo regarding the deer cull prove that mayors can have common sense. What he stated is reflective of many Oak Bay residents.

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Really, what did the deer cull prove? We were told initially the cull was to control an overpopulation of deer in Oak Bay that creates safety issues.

Now the mayor of Oak Bay said this successful (his assessment) cull was to prove that a cull could happen in an urban environment without problem. Nothing at all to do with safety.

Nanaimo’s Mayor Bill McKay also noted that.

But what was keynote in his comments was that if Nanaimo were to ever have a cull, the process would be thoroughly researched with the aid of groups such as DeerSafe and the B.C. SPCA.

It would not be ramrodded through as the mayor of Oak Bay did, even with major opposition.

Herb Wilson

Oak Bay

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