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Nanaimo council dysfunction is a sad farce

Re: “B.C. needs to fix the Community Charter,” column, April 1.

Re: “B.C. needs to fix the Community Charter,” column, April 1.

Having proudly resided in Nanaimo for almost a quarter of a century, raised my family and owned a business,  I am ashamed and bitterly disappointed in what I read and learn as to the serious and damaging rift between the mayor and members of council. It appears to me like a bunch of ill-mannered, selfish, misbehaving kids in a classroom with a teacher frustrated in the process of finding a means to gain respect, to lead and to discipline.

Sadly, the citizens, those who pay the taxes, are the victims, an audience of 90,000 watching a farce on stage played by nine while the media have a field day.

Sadly, a community and city that has so much to offer is passing up economic opportunity after economic opportunity. Who wants to do business with or move to and invest in a community with such a dysfunctional political and administrative environment?

Sad tale indeed, emanating from my beloved Harbour City. I’m tempted to head in that direction, gather up all nine and bang their wretched heads together.

Graeme Roberts

Former mayor of Nanaimo

Brentwood Bay