Letters May 15: Doctors at work; rebuilding the economy

Thankful that they chose Canada

Re: “Brothers in ER living out the extremes of pandemic,” May 10.

What a beautifully written story in Sunday’s paper of emergency room doctors Omar and Danish Ahmad and their inspiring family. I thank their parents for choosing to immigrate to Canada many years ago.

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How fortunate for us Omar is in Victoria.

I enjoyed reading the profiles of the other hospital workers just down the street at Royal Jubilee Hospital as well. In appreciation of them and all essential workers, every evening at 7 p.m. I join my more musically talented neighbours on Lee Avenue who drum, play the saxophone and beat rhythms on saucepans by enthusiastically hitting my large gong!

Expressing gratitude connects us.

Barbara Hansen

Rebuilding the post-COVID economy

Can our provincial government hear the voices of healthy people who care? I’m hoping that Premier John Horgan will honour us — and honour his stated economic recovery plan — by investing in COVID-19 recovery projects that bring us into truly full recovery.

Such projects should involve accessing healthy food and affordable housing, developing environmentally wise energy sources and providing education for meaningful, well-paid jobs in all B.C. communities.

Putting B.C.’s citizens first — instead of succumbing to the pressures of rich corporate executives with their outside-B.C. sources — would be so refreshing and important.

Let’s define “strength” in a healthy manner.

Please care for each other with compassion — by growing a strongly green, long-term vision that includes each and every one of us equally.

Our children and grandchildren deserve to know that we care that they have a healthy future!

Robin Roberts

Consider the full impact of the shutdown

I have watched the daily briefings, with Dr. Bonnie Henry giving us an update on the number of new COVID-19 cases and related deaths.

I also have noted that the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in B.C. since the beginning of the pandemic are less than the number of similar deaths in Quebec in one day, yet Quebec has opened up a large part of its economy and Henry is keeping B.C. shut pretty tight.

Does she not know there are two sides to the COVID-19 equation?

On one side there are the COVID-19 related deaths and on the other side there are the increased deaths from suicides, drug overdoses and the lack of medical care (e.g. no elective surgeries).

There is also on this “other side” the greatly increased number of domestic violence cases, increases in crime, increased number of divorces and the increase in mental illness as well as the financial devastation done to individuals and governments.

I doubt if I have listed all the negatives on the “other side” of the equation.

It is long past time that Henry looked at all sides of the equation and not just focused on one. Open up the economy, Dr. Henry! I’m 80 years old and I will take my chances!

Al Skiber

Laundering money has been made easy

Re: “To clean cash, use a little soap and water,” May 13.

I know COVID-19 has caused many changes, but I think the limit has been reached when the Bank of Canada gives advice on how to launder money.

Ian Cameron
Brentwood Bay

Little book libraries can house many things

May I suggest during this time of pandemic that those beautiful little book libraries be filled with non-perishables so needed at this time. Books are great but not so nourishing when you are hungry.

So for now, how about taking those books out and putting in soup, Kraft dinner, batteries, diapers etc.

Annie Klein

Remembering the sense of freedom

As I sit watching my houseplants grow, I feel I’ve been imprisoned for a crime I didn’t commit.

The restrictions imposed on us as a result of the pandemic made me suddenly realize how good we had it prior to COVID-19. The freedom to go almost anywhere, any time, for any purpose and with any person without the fear of infection was wonderful.

The future of Canada and of the world is uncertain. It’s scary. We can only hope that world leaders will prioritize the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants when making the tough decisions to come.

Cheera J. Crow

Free transit, free lunches and a make-work study

Re: “Victoria councillors want plan that keeps some COVID-19 measures, such as free transit,” May 14.

This rump of councillors wants to keep free transit paid for by taxpayers, but don’t dare touch their free lunch.

Given that half this cabal doesn’t live in Victoria with the rest of the taxpayers, they need the free buses to get into the city to get their payola. They’ll keep the multi-million dollar tree canopy make-work study and many of the other scams with no reference to the property owners.

Then there will be the millions in advertising across Canada to lure people here for free housing, food and transport so they can vote for them.

Patrick Murphy

The kind of doctor we all want

Dr. Bonnie Henry —how fortunate we have been to have this calm and compassionate public servant in our health care crisis.

Is she taking new patients?

Peter Forans

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