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Let's find real solutions to the deer problem

Re: "Deer decisions prove difficult without data," July 29.

Re: "Deer decisions prove difficult without data," July 29.

I have attended a number of the Capital Regional District's deer advisory committee's public hearings and am dismayed by the lack of constructive discussion to find a resolution to this issue. Almost a quarter of the committee members don't bother to show up or have resigned because of the lack of respect to divergent opinions and efforts to seek a solution outside a slaughter.

The resignation letter of Kerri Ward and Robin Bassett this past week articulates the real problem with the committee: "Anecdotal information from the farming group always took precedence and was relied upon to the exclusion of real evidence." The majority of committee members have an agenda, which is to eliminate the deer from the lower Island at any cost.

We must recognize that we are living in wildlife habitat and it is our duty to coexist, not lord over other species and animals because of our belief that we are superior.

Let's find real solutions based on fact, humanity and dignity, rather than advocating a slaughter.

Roy Vollinger