Landlords’ costs rise due to taxes and fees

Re: “Rent increase is a gift to the wealthy,” letter, Sept. 12.

I empathize with the writer’s financial position and low annual increase of OAS/GIS payments and recognize hardships. Many landlords are renting to supplement their own incomes. We are not “greedy” landlords taking advantage of renters.

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The outcry over the 4.5 per cent allowable increase in rental rates only scratches the surface of the hikes in taxes that Victoria homeowners/landlords absorb.

Victoria house owners have faced offloading by the city of the costs of its employees’ MSP payments as a result of the NDP’s so-called elimination of MSP payments for citizens of B.C.

Utility bills have dramatically increased over the past years, plus the new sewage payments of $175 three times a year, a 64.5 per cent increase from the Capital Regional District and a 42.75 per cent increase from the city since October 2016 (my cost example). Homeowners who rent have more pressure on them financially and politically than ever before.

Please, let’s put the blame where it belongs for rent increases and recognize that landlords have costs that often far outweigh annual allowable increases.

Jennifer Carlstrom


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