June 11: B.S. transmission goes both ways

Re: “One artificial field for Topaz, one for Vic High,” June 7.

Being mindful of all councillor Ben Isitt has spewed in the last six months, I feel it’s time to give him some advice.

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His latest affront in the guise of standing up for taxpayers, was to suggest Victoria look into the possibility of the military helping cover the costs of military events.

The idea was put forth on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, which is beyond the pale in its naiveté.

On another matter he was quoted as having his B.S. meter going off.

On that issue, I understood his concerns.

My advice? I suggest he have his B.S. meter taken in for service. While it seems to be receiving the B.S. correctly, it does not look like it is registering alarm when transmitting.

Murray Ostler

Campbell River

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