Grizzlies give early warning of forest health

Re: “Forests ministry pushing grizzlies to extinction,” comment, Sept. 25.

Declining grizzly-bear populations are an early indicator of declining ecosystem health and forest mismanagement.

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What is missing from ministry policy is a clear statement of strategic intent (what the ministry intends to accomplish) and an adequate monitoring mechanism for detecting the cumulative effects of logging and road impacts leading to decline. Forest condition (high habitat quality) and not the current allowable annual cut is the measure of success.

Long-term, well-conducted forest practices keep a forest in good working order. With a unifying purpose, at the landscape scale, both wildlife and timber can be integrated, but first the cause of the decline must be identified and remedied so ecosystem recovery of forest habitats and self-renewal of grizzly populations can occur.

Nature is the standard, and highly resilient — when given a chance.

Ray Travers

Registered professional forester


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