Forest Ministry should step aside

Re: "Anger grows over lack of action on B.C. water levels," Oct. 12.

Given the self-serving comments of the Ministry of Forests' spokesperson, one can only expect anger at the mismanagement of the Cowichan Weir by the Forest Ministry to increase.

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The ministry appears to have learned nothing from its obstinate refusal of the early summer to exercise its legislatively mandated responsibility to protect fish in the river and the ecological integrity of the watershed. Instead, the ministry is still parroting the same tired old justifications of its past mistakes that led to the crisis in the first place.

If the Forest Ministry is not willing to admit its mistakes and do what river water levels, not to mention provincial legislation, requires of it, perhaps it could turn over its responsibilities to somebody else? If it won't do its job, the least it could do is get out of the way.

David Anderson Former federal minister of environment and member of the Cowichan Watershed

Advisory Board

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