Enter marriage whole-heartedly

Re: “Married with no pre-nup?” Jan. 11.

I feel compelled to offer a riposte to the attitudes about marriage expressed in the article. The underlying cynicism and “glass half empty” approach to the great institution of marriage might be justified by the experience of hardened family-law lawyers, but shouldn’t be proffered to readers as best practice in our relationships.

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As a case in point, Justin Bieber’s recent marriage with Hailey Baldwin is used as an example of how not to enter a marriage. The article notes that “they didn’t bother with a fancy ceremony or a prenuptial agreement to protect their millions. ‘He was an idiot not to get a [pre-nup] but we have seen Justin do a lot of stupid stuff.’ ”

This is both misleading and grossly unfair. Bieber practises a Christian faith, no easy task for any of us these days and particularly fraught with challenge for one so successful in his vocation. We Christians believe that the way to enter marriage is whole-heartedly and without reserve, committing ourselves and our future to the love of God and our partner.

Risky? Definitely. Foolish? In the eyes of these lawyers, yes. But for us, it is the gateway into an intimacy that holds nothing back and consequently deepens our experience of life in a way unattainable by any other means. In keeping with this faith, Bieber demonstrates that he is one who engages life unreservedly and is to be commended, not damned, for entering into his marriage in that spirit.

Murray Groom

Shawnigan Lake

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