Developments in Victoria are tasteless and boring

Re: “Battle lines drawn in Cordova Bay,” Feb. 19.

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Generic. The one word that best describes the development going on in Victoria and surrounding communities.

Recently built, currently underway, planned or proposed developments all have the same character: None. What’s disturbing is that if those in charge had even a speck of good taste, had a good idea of the kind of interesting and even elegant buildings that could be created, we’d be far better off than we are or will be.

A quick trip to the Fairhaven district of Bellingham and a little further south to La Conner will give us an idea of what meaningful design standards can engender. Leavenworth, Washington, Carmel, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, have all grown up keeping in mind a particular character objective.

If we keep on doing what we’ve allowed to be called development, the city will soon have the same effect as the “green glass canyons” that greet us as we cross the Cambie and Granville street bridges into downtown Vancouver. Tasteless, commonplace, boring, ordinary — generic.

And for those who think the answer is less development, keep in mind that the opposite of “more” is not “less.” If we care enough, the opposite of more is “better.”

Gene Krop


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