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Comments on students were hateful

Re: “Some students are disruptive,” letter, June 14.

Re: “Some students are disruptive,” letter, June 14.

Broad-stroke comments such as “normal children,” “mentally incapable” and all schools can offer them is “babysitting” demonstrates this person’s extremely biased and hateful opinion of people with disabilities.

I do think that there are not enough support services in schools to make non-segregated classes work for every teacher and every student, but I don’t think stepping backward into segregated classes will in any way move our government forward into funding the proper supports.

I do, however, think it is best for all children to have periods where more attention is given to various students, and this might include separating sub-sections of the class. This writer mentions a classroom of 40 “normal” students, without including those with disabilities. There will be children who need additional help because they are slower in learning and/or too advanced for their class and/or students slipping through the cracks who have learning disabilities.

There are a variety of students in school who are not getting the focused teacher time they need, and we need to do better for all of them. This teacher obviously cares little for any students with disabilities and expected nothing of them, making me glad he isn’t in a classroom anymore.

There are people with disabilities who go to school and want to engage, learn and go to post-secondary institutions or move onto jobs, but they succeed only when the teachers and schools work with them and the parents.

Heather McCain

Executive director

Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods