Children can’t fathom reasons for killing deer

This week, my husband and I attended a council meeting at Oak Bay where half a dozen people spoke against the deer cull. The speakers, including two internationally renowned wildlife experts from Ontario, spoke eloquently and with more common sense than the mayor over the past while.

As we are parents in our first year in Oak Bay and looking for a house, we thought attending the meeting, our first, might give us insight into how this community is run.

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Despite the excellent points made by the speakers, it seemed the mayor was not interested. We always thought a person in a leadership capacity should be open-minded. This didn’t seem to be the case that night.

We have two young daughters in grade school who, because of talk at school, are aware of the deer slaughter. Children, being innocent, cannot believe that this municipality wants to kill the deer. Their friends feel the same and almost every night in our conversation around the dinner table, the deer situation arises.

It is a sad scenario. We were hoping to buy in Oak Bay and have seen some lovely homes in the Uplands, but now we feel we might consider another community.

Andrea Moreau

Oak Bay

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