Brian Mulroney is no father figure

Re: “Free-trade father figure tells Ottawa to make NAFTA deal,” Sept. 12.

Brian Mulroney is not a father figure and does not deserve the right to give advice to a country that he successfully sued. He retreated to the U.S. to be among his best friends, including the current U.S. president, and that is where he should remain.

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The fact that our prime minister is taking his advice says a lot about Justin Trudeau. Further, the advice is to cave in to the demands of a U.S. administration that is in tatters and at odds with itself — even at the highest level — as evidenced by the recent New York Times op-ed, indictment of former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Bob Woodward’s book Fear. This is Bob Woodward of the team that did the reporting that exposed the Watergate scandal.

This advice, against holding strong until after the U.S. elections and special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry, would, even to the novice, lead one to wonder whose side Mulroney is on. And for that matter, to what external pressures our prime minister is responding when taking counsel from him.

Sandra Slobodian


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