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Do something every day that makes you sweat...

...AND THEN SEND ME THE PR OOF! I'll po st it o n my S weat T -Shirt Contest Page ! When I started th is blog 3 months ago, I took a picture every week o r so of my sweaty t-shir t...
...AND THEN SEND ME THE PROOF!  I'll post it on my Sweat T-Shirt Contest Page!
When I started this blog 3 months ago, I took a picture every week or so of my sweaty t-shirt...and then posted it for all to see, but I think it would be much more interesting if you would take a picture of yourself and send it to me.  
After all, when I started this journey I wanted to inspire people to get moving because, honestly, if I could do it, anyone could...and a lot of you did.  Here's your opportunity to show me (and the people of the interweb) the proof.  
I want to see your workout gear, your funny t-shirts, your downward dog yoga pants, your gym hair...I want to see you sweat! 
Send your submissions to me at and tell me how you got so sweaty in the first place!
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