Oct. 21 federal election: What information do you need?

The federal election has been called, and we want to know: What information do you need before you cast your vote on Oct. 21?

We asked a similar question ahead of last year’s municipal elections, and the answers you gave helped us decide what to focus on and what to ask candidates about.

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At its core, this approach (pioneered by the the Charlotte Observer newspaper in the 1990s) is about letting voters — rather than political parties or candidates — set the agenda for the campaign.

This year, we want to know:

• What information will help you cast an informed vote?

• What do you want candidates to be discussing?

• What would you ask candidates if you had the chance?

You can send your answers by email to election@timescolonist.com with the word “Questions” in the subject line, fill out our form below, or call 250-380-5228 and leave a voicemail message with your answers.

Please let us know which riding you live in and include your name and contact information so we can follow up, if necessary.

Form not visible or not working? You can also fill it out here.

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