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cairinegreen10062014.jpgCairine Green*

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Position sought: Mayor

I will be a full time Mayor for Oak Bay and dedication to community service excellence has always been at the heart of my Council work, professional careers and volunteer history. I am a decisive community leader who is proactive, responsive and builds consensus, and I have credibility across the region. I will roll up my sleeves and tackle the challenges of this important job with purpose and resolve. I will bring a new and fresh leadership perspective to Oak Bay.


Facebook: CairineGreenforMayor


ELXN-OakBay-Jensen.jpgNils Jensen**


Position sought: Mayor

I’ve been honoured and privileged to be the Mayor of Oak Bay for the past three years. In that time, Council has taken great strides forward to revitalize Oak Bay. In a recent unanimous vote we approved a plan developed by the community that creates a vision for our future as a green, vibrant and welcoming place to live. The new plan will ensure our established neighbourhoods are protected and a diversity of housing options exist for seniors and families. I’ve also led Council in the creation of plans for active transportation, heritage protection and police service.  I look forward to leading our community as we implement these plans over the next four years. During my 18 years on Council I have provided leadership on climate change, infrastructure renewal and our water supply. Sewage treatment is an important issue for Oak Bay residents. After the provincial and federal contributions, the proposed plant will cost each household approximately $400. Switching to other models would double or even quadruple that cost. Oak Bay needs strong and experienced leadership at CRD table to ensure the best outcome for our community and the region.



shebibprofile.jpgDavid Michael Shebib

71, junk hauler

Position sought: Mayor

Government doesn't have the right to put itself in debt. With me as mayor a lot of people are going to be fired and many municipal assets sold off. Time for everyone to meditate on their delusional preconceptions of 'job security'. If the police refuse to tow the line they will be put on leave and a massive deputizing of volunteers will replace them. It is not hard to be mayor when you understand patience as the core of response and recovery.



COUNCIL (6 seats)

Hazel_Braithwaite10142014.jpgHazel Braithwaite

55, learning and talent development specialist

Position sought: Councillor

I am running for Oak Bay council again because I am concerned about implementing the new Official Community Plan. I want to keep enjoying the unique characteristics of Oak Bay, and I want to make sure we have sensible and carefully written bylaws that respond to the needs and desires of Oak Bay citizens. I believe incoming Council will face many important decisions, decisions that will have a significant impact on the future of our community, and I ask for support for my common sense approach to collaboration, public input, and the pursuit of best solutions. Oak Bay residents need to have their voices heard, I would be honoured if selected to serve them on Council for a third term.


Facebook: Hazel Braithwaite


tomcroft1024.jpgTom Croft

67, realtor

Position sought: Councillor

The District of Oak Bay has recently passed a new official community plan. To bring that plan to life needs significant work. My past experience in Financial Management, Real Estate and Community Leadership will be benefit Oak Bay. I recognize and share a deep interest in maintaining the character of Oak Bay and it's beautiful environment.




HeatherHolmes-OakBay.jpgHeather Holmes

61, senior project analyst - Government of B.C.

Position sought: Councillor

I am running for Oak Bay Council to bring better decision making through common sense, collaboration, and respecting concerns of residents. My platform includes leading with an independent, open mind to achieve consensus-driven solutions. I value accountability and transparency and will promote the release of information surrounding all council business. This means publishing all municipal data including business licenses, bylaws, development permits, bids and contracts, and expense reports. I also take a no-frills approach to fiscal planning. My family has lived in Oak Bay for four generations. My passion and knowledge of our community along with my business background will safeguard it for future generations. I believe maintaining Oak Bay’s unique character is important and innovation solutions are required during implementation of the newly endorsed Official Community Plan as it relates to land use, transportation and the environment. Incremental changes must be managed wisely.




SigurdJohannesen1027.jpgSigurd Johannesen

65, retired

Position sought: Councillor

My family and I moved to Oak Bay because we loved the sense of community and the vibrant village lifestyle. There are so many things that we love about Oak Bay — its tree lined streets, its beautiful waterfronts and quiet residential areas. I know there are changes coming as the approved Official Community Plan is implemented. The plan is a guide for moving forward. As it unfolds I want to ensure that those things that make Oak Bay one of the most desirable places to live in the CRD are maintained and strengthened. Just finishing six years as a Highlands Councillor, I understand the challenges facing smaller communities. I understand how a community fits into the CRD and the challenges this entails. I also have 35 years of government and industry experience in managing large organizations and controlling multi-million dollar budgets. These leadership and management skills I will use to serve all the residents of Oak Bay. My commitment is to listen and work for the entire community.


Facebook: Vote Sigurd

michellekirby1024.jpgMichelle Kirby*

40, federal public servant

Position sought: Councillor

The Official Community Plan (OCP) has been updated over the last term, and the next Council will again work closely with the community on modernizing our outdated building bylaws and zoning regulations. I will do this keeping inclusion, sustainability, and social well-being in mind. With these efficiencies in place, Council can spend less time on minor variances and instead focus on renewal of infrastructure, and important policy improvements. A sustainable Oak Bay includes rethinking standards that did not anticipate climate change, or the challenges of downloaded responsibilities, without change in our tax base. We must prioritize safer pedestrian and cycling routes for all ages to encourage active transportation and tourism. I want more children able to safely, comfortably bike and walk to school. An active community is also a happier, safer, healthier, more connected community. Oak Bay can be a model of aging-in place, active lifestyles, intergenerational connection, and vibrancy.


Facebook: MichelleKirby


janmears1024.jpgJan Mears

65, retired

Position sought: Councillor

To see through to the next stage, the vision built through the Official Community Planning process. Oak Bay is at a crossroads - stay vibrant by taking steps to increase housing options available to all ages, grow small businesses, lead on climate change and take action on infrastructure upgrades.


Facebook: janmearsoakbay


kevinmurdoch10072014.jpgKevin Murdoch*


Position sought: Councillor

I joined council 3 years ago to give back to the community and help make it even better for my two children. I am neither ideologically driven nor caught up on a single issue. I have proven my commitment to understanding issues, taking a non-political approach to improving proposals, and making pragmatic decisions. Oak Bay is already an amazing place and so my focus is on supporting incremental change within the community, being careful to keep the unique characteristics of Oak Bay. My priorities for this council term include: - Replacing our aging infrastructure, with focus on long-term cost control - Careful crafting of bylaws to maintain the character of Oak Bay under the new Official Community Plan - Support our business community and neighbourhood vitality - Implement deer population control - Work to resolve the sewage treatment impasse I am proud of the work I have done my first Council term and am eager to keep working to make Oak Bay a little better every year.




taraney10072014.jpgTara Ney*


Position sought: Councillor

I will be seeking a third term on Oak Bay Council. In this past term, with your support, I have fulfilled my commitments as promised. I said I would work to increase housing options and protect our environment. Much has been in done in each of these areas, to name a few: housing options are a now priority; Urban Forest and Urban Agriculture strategies are on the docks. We have also ramped up Oak Bay as a tourist destination place. We inaugurated the first Dark Sky Urban Star Park in Western Canada, introduced music concerts and yoga in our parks, and hosted the production of Gracepoint in the haunts of Oak Bay. But perhaps most significantly, Council completed the Official Community Plan (OCP). Thousands of you participated to make this a forward-thinking document that will shape the vision of our future. The next Council will implement the OCP. I would like to be a part of this process to ensure citizens’ voices are heard and that the vision of our future is realized.




joanrussow1027.jpgJoan Russow


Position sought: Councillor

Why am I running? I am committed to helping implement the Oak Bay Official Community Plan to reflect social equity and sound environmental and heritage values.


Andrew StinsonAndrew D. Stinson

21, UVic student

Position sought: Councillor

I am running in Oak Bay because it is my home. It’s where I grew up, where I live, and where I want to live. I started to get involved in the municipality last election and, since then, I have attended the majority of the council and committee of the whole meetings. I was appointed to the Oak Bay Environmental Advisory Committee in early 2012 and, this October, I was presented one of the inaugural Honour of the Oak Leaf awards for being the youngest committee volunteer in the municipality. I’m running because I’m passionate about this community, and I want to continue serving it by joining council. We need to solve the deer problem, control the population region wide and bring it to a sustainable level. We need to push forward under the new OCP, and bring in new rules and regulations for secondary suites. This will help young people afford to live in Oak Bay, families to pay their mortgages, and seniors to age in place. We need to reduce our carbon footprint, and strengthen our environmental protections. If elected, this is what I will try to achieve over the four year term.


Facebook: Andrew Stinson


ericwoodzhelka1027.jpgEric Wood Zhelka

53, business analyst

Position sought: Councillor

I am a professional engineer and I grew up on Toronto Island, where I worked on the front lines, arm in arm with Jack Layton our city councilor, to successfully protect my community from being lost to the constant threat of redevelopment. I have lived in Oak Bay for the past ten years. It is the best place to live in Greater Victoria. And while I love it the way it is, I am open to change, renewal, and diversity. I worked with the Floor Area Ratio committee revising the zoning bylaw and removing the unintended incentives to build oversized homes on small lots that have caused much sadness and frustration with our neighbours. I am concerned the new Official Community Plan bylaw is too developer friendly and pushes population density increases faster than we have historically accommodated for a fully built-out community. However, it is important for us to accommodate the expected population increase within Oak Bay where there is demand, such as near the university and in built-up areas. I will bring back a truly intelligent approach to cautious development.




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** indicates incumbent mayor

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