12-12-12 popular day for Victoria nuptials

But astrologer says date has no significance

It's Wednesday, but that hasn't stopped many Victoria couples from tying the knot today.

Several couples have shunned the traditional Saturday wedding to get hitched today, a day with numerical significance - 12-1212.

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Amanda Speed, owner of Shades of White Bridal Fashions, said she has about 25 clients tying the knot today.

"For a Wednesday in December, it's got more attention than usual," Speed said.

Victoria numerologist Paul Thompson said anyone who happens to choose today as the date to become joined will have hatched a "very powerful union."

The numbers are significant, Thompson said. The numbers of Dec. 12, 2012 add up to 11. As a numerologist he adds up all numbers of 12-12-2012 sequentially: 1+2+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 11.

"Eleven is a master number, so it's full of positive energy and confidence," Thompson said. "So, 12-12-12 is all about creativity and confidence. It will be a very powerful union."

Meanwhile, Victoria astrologer George Strutch, who has helped choose auspicious wedding dates for couples, said Dec. 12, 2012, holds nothing special in the stars.

"It has absolutely zero astrological significance," Strutch said. The important thing to remember is the calendar is the construction of human beings, he said. But the movements and influences of the planets and stars are set by forces much more profound.

"That particular date [12-1212] is no more significant than any other," said Strutch. "There are other far more significant ones."

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