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Vancouver rap show cancelled after crowd rushes floor

The Lil Yachty show did not last long.
Lil Yachty's show in Vancouver was cancelled part way through after the crowd rushed the stage and wouldn't return to their seats.

After just a handful of songs, Lil Yachty had to sail away after his Vancouver show was cancelled.

The show at UBC's Thunderbird Sports Centre Saturday night (Oct. 21) started normally, but after the Grammy-nominated rapper asked the crowd to rush the stage, security shut the show down.

Several videos on social media catch the moment Lil Yachty told the crowd to get in the mosh pit, calling for attendees to "fill it up." Audience members who had been in the arena's seated area appeared to hop the security fence around the floor area and charge toward the stage.

In the videos, it appears that a short time later the show was cut short, after only a few songs from the headliner. The lights in the venue are turned on and Lil Yachty comes out to ask the crowd to return to their seats.

"I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know," he tells the crowd. "They say have to go back to the seats or we're going to have to cancel the show."

It appears the crowd did not return to their seats in an orderly fashion, and the show was officially cancelled. On social media some people in attendance note it was security who made the final call.

On Instagram Lil Yachty himself has posted footage from the show, showing the crowd coming down to the stage front.

"They shut us down last night Vancouver," he writes.

In a statement issued Sunday, Oct. 22 afternoon, UBC stated safety was the reason for the cancelled concert; the university notes venue staff and Live Nation, the event's promoter, decided together.

"During the performance, the artist had invited attendees from reserved seating in the stands to join the floor area," states UBC.

"This put the floor area over capacity, so UBC and Live Nation staff paused the show to direct audience members back to their seats. When the performer reappeared, the floor began to fill again."

It was at that point the plug was pulled on the show.

"We are unaware of any significant medical or police incidents arising from the show's cancellation," notes UBC.

V.I.A. has reached out to police and will update this story once details are released.

Warning, some videos contain strong language.


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