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Vancouver Island farm mourns runaway pig that found a home at sanctuary

A veterinarian was called Jan. 27 after it was discovered that Theo’s back legs had failed, the result of his massive size.

Theodore, a beloved rescue pig who spent his last years A Home for Hooves Sanctuary in Duncan, has died.

“Everyone who met him just adored him. He was beloved by our volunteers and anyone who met him,” said Michelle Singleton, founder and president of the non-profit organization.

“He was our big sweet beast and we are going to miss him tremendously.”

She figures that full-grown Theo, a Yorkshire pig, was 900 pounds, or just over 400 kilograms.

Most domestic pigs are slaughtered before they are one year old so do not grow to such a large size, said Singleton, who estimates Theo was six to 10 years old.

Theo captured the public’s attention just over four years ago when he was found loose on the Fraser Highway.

“The individual who had him just didn’t want him back because I guess he kept getting out,” Singleton said Thursday.

Initially taken in by Langley Animal Protection Society, Theo became something of a media darling. He was relocated to the farm sanctuary, where he became well loved by volunteers and visitors.

A veterinarian was called Jan. 27 after it was discovered that Theo’s back legs had failed. Singleton said it is not unusual for pigs’ legs or back to go because they are bred to be so heavy. The decision was made to put him down.

Everyone who met Theo was in awe of his massive size, Singleton said. “I have so many fond memories of this big guy, too many to count.”

Founded in 2017, the farm sanctuary is home to about 170 animals and is supported by 34 volunteers, its website states.

It makes a home for rescued farm animals who are abandoned, seized by the SPCA or surrendered. These include goats, sheep, cattle, mini horses, mini donkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and partridges.

The sanctuary runs tours between May and fall, depending on the weather.

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