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Maple Bay mom warns others after men tried to enter daughter's car

Julie Grimsson says she’s been contacted by two other parents of two high-school-age girls “who experienced the same thing, same time, same place.”
A man is seen on the road on Feb. 26, 2024, in an image taken from dash-cam footage. VIA JULIE GRIMSSON

Julie Grimsson says her 23-year old daughter’s intuition was to “floor it” and speed away when two men jumped in front of her car and attempted to get in — but she is warning other drivers to beware.

In a post on social media, Grimsson said the incident took place 6:45 p.m. Monday on Maple Bay Road.

“They were yelling and swearing at her through the window and she thought they looked like they might try to smash her car window so she floored it and drove off,” she said.

Grimsson said she reported the incident to police.

North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP have not confirmed whether a criminal investigation is underway. No public advisory asking for assistance in finding the two men has been issued.

Grimsson is concerned for public safety as she said she’s been contacted by parents of two high-school-age girls “who experienced the same thing, same time, same place.”

Grimsson’s daughter was driving to Stone Hill Farm on her way to the gym Monday night when she noticed two men walking together by the side of the road.

One man leapt in front of her car while another man stayed on the passenger side.

Grimsson’s daughter came to a “screeching stop” to avoid hitting the man on the road.

The men ran to either side of the stopped vehicle and shook the door handles, trying to enter, Grimsson said. Because the car is a newer model, the vehicle doors had automatically locked when the car was started.

Grimsson’s daughter described the men as possibly being in their 40s — one wearing a racing jacket and the other a black hoodie with the hood up.

Grimsson has posted photo and video that was sent to her by a male driver who was not stopped.

North Cowichan-Duncan RCMP could not be immediately reached for comment.