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Cougar sighted in Saanich backyard near Marigold Park

No reports of further sightings on Saturday.
A file photo of a cougar. VIA RCMP

A cougar was sighted in the Saanich backyard near Marigold Park on Saturday morning, police say.

The cougar, which appeared to be alone, has so far not been seen again.

“Police attended swiftly but were unable to locate the animal,” Const. Nick Murray said in a statement. “Residents are advised to exercise caution, and to secure their properties and pets.”

Police say that there was no aggressive behaviour observed from the cougar during the 10 a.m sighting in the 3900-block of South Valley Drive.

In the event of a cougar encounter, the B.C. Conservation Officer Service advises keeping the animal in front of you at all times.

Do not run or turn your back.

If a cougar shows interest or begins following you, respond with aggression and maintain eye contact.

Increase your physical size by raising your hands, the service says.

Last week, a cougar sighting was also reported in a wooded area of the University of Victoria campus.

Cougar sightings can be reported to Saanich police, or the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277).

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