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Consignment store window display makes Earth Day statement on fast fashion

Owners of consignment store want people to think more consciously about the clothing they’re purchasing and how they’re discarding clothing.
Earth Day display at the House of Savoy. DARREN STONE, TIMES COLONIST

A Victoria consignment store is making a statement for Earth Day with its window display.

House of Savoy owners Emilie Hamel and Zenija Esmits have placed a large pile of clothing in their Oak Bay Avenue window to show how much the average Canadian household of four throws away in a year. Next to the pile is a poster board with facts about the fashion industry’s effects on the environment.

“It’s making them aware of how much is going into landfill,” Hamel said.

The fashion industry produces 12 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year and uses 93 billion cubic metres of water, enough to meet the needs of five million people, the sign says.

The pair want people to think more consciously about the clothing they’re buying and how they discard clothing.

“I think people unfortunately are still not completely aware that there are other things to do than just putting your jacket that might have holes in it or is really dirty and can’t get cleaned anymore into your garbage can. That is not the option that people should be going for,” Hamel said.

House of Savoy will accept items with a hole that can be patched and repurposed. For items that are significantly damaged or stained, Hamel and Esmits suggest donating to Value Village or Win Resale Shop, where the textiles can be sold in bulk.

To mark Earth Day today, a clothing drive is being held at Max Furniture at 3460 Quadra St. Other events include Capital Regional District naturalist guided walks and talks at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park Nature Centre and a workshop on urban beekeeping at Uptown.

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