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Bear sighting shuts down Royal Roads University gardens for second day in a row

A black bear was also spotted at Esquimalt Lagoon on Wednesday
A black bear was spotted at the southern end of Esquimalt Lagoon on May 31. VIA Dunc Malcolm

The Royal Roads University gardens were closed Thursday and Friday after bear sightings on the campus both days.

“We’re waiting for it to head out,” said university spokesperson Maddy Gareau, adding the bear seen Friday was likely the same one spotted on the campus Thursday.

Campus security spotted the bear walking down Charlie’s trail towards the south end of the campus at 7:40 p.m on Thursday, a statement from the university said.

The 13 hectare-gardens are closed until further notice, the university said on its website Friday.

Conservation officers are monitoring the bear and waiting to find an appropriate location to set a trap, a statement from the Conservation Officer Service said.

Numerous bear sightings in the Lagoon Beach neighbourhood in Colwood have been reported on social media and in local news in recent days, including a Wednesday-evening sighting by Colwood resident Dunc Malcolm, who saw a “relaxed” bear nibbling on some barnacles on the shoreline of Esquimalt Lagoon.

The province recommends that residents keep garbage, birdseed, compost and pet food away from wildlife to prevent possible conflicts.

Anyone who encounters a bear is advised to remain calm, stay away from the animal, and go indoors. Feeding bears is against the law.

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