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Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Mushy bulbs likely due to narcissus bulb fly

Whenever you find bulbs that have softened, and especially if there is a hole in a bulb base, the cause is the narcissus bulb fly.
Pansies and violas are a colourful underplanting for daffodils. They also make it difficult for bulb flies to access the bases of the daffodil plants. HELEN CHESNUT

Dear Helen: Some of my daffodil bulbs produced spindly leaves and no flowers this spring. I dug a few up and found the bulbs to be mushy. What might have caused this? The soil is well drained.


You were wise to check out the flagging plants. Whenever you find bulbs that have softened, and especially if there is a hole in a bulb base, the cause is the narcissus bulb fly. Remove infested bulbs and do not compost them.

Adult flies emerge from pupation around the time of temperatures rising to 20 C in the spring. They lay eggs in the soil by declining daffodil foliage. Larvae that hatch from the eggs bore into the bulb bases, feed, and overwinter there. The adult flies look like bumble bees. There is usually one large grub in a bulb.

Another pest, the lesser bulb fly, is small and black. It leaves many small larvae in a bulb. Feeding by larvae of both pests makes the bulbs able to produce only a few thin leaves.

Bulbs can be protected from the flies by floating row fabric placed over narcissus plants after flowering and leaving it in place until July. Bulbs planted at least 25 cm deep and those growing in dense ground cover will have some protection.

Dear Helen: I was wondering, all through the cold weather earlier this spring, when to put transplants I’d grown into my little greenhouse. How much protection does an unheated greenhouse offer?


Not much. I keep a minimum-maximum thermometer in mine, and wait to move even the hardiest transplants into the greenhouse until, inside it, overnight low temperatures stay around five degrees above freezing.


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